Wife Poem

The Depth Of Your Love

This is a simple poem simply created from my love of my wife. For Valentine's Day, the first as husband and wife, I thought I'd try my hand at showing my love in a new, romantic way. What better way than through rhyme?

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A Sense Of Love


Published: February 14, 2019

Love is not something you see.
It's meaning everything to me.
It's needing to have you in my life,
So much that I made you my wife.

Love is not something you hear.
It's always wanting to have you near.
It's needing to feel your lips each day
So much that no words could ever say.

Love is not something you taste.
It's never letting it go to waste.
It's needing to see you even when we fight,
So much or I'll miss you day and night.

Love is not something you touch.
It's knowing that you mean so much.
It's needing your skin when I'm in bed,
So much that you make me lose my head.

Love is not something you smell.
It's something that you're proud to tell.
It's needing to always make you smile,
So much that you make my life worthwhile.



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