Betrayal Poem

Poem About Being Lied To

You lied. You broke me. Somehow I still cared about you. Now you lie again...

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You Lied But I Still Cared


Published: October 2011

You always said you loved me
you always said you cared
That you would always be with me
that you would always be there

You told me that you are here for me
through all the pain I feel
You told me that you are with me
till your very last meal

But you were never there
through all those endless nights
You could never stop the crying
after all those fights

My heart tore
and you just walked away
My happiness went up in smoke
Everything looked gray

Now after all that's happened
all the lies you told
how could you lie again?
How could you be so bold?

You say it again
You are here for me
if I'm here for you back
Sure I'll be there
and I'll care
You know that that's a fact

But will you be here
for me
till the very end?

Don't lie again
You are not my friend
My heart you could never mend

I gave you trust
You told me lies
I gave you hope
I can see it in your eyes

Please don't lie
We both know
you could never be there
to wipe my tears
or vanish my fears
You could never care



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