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I wrote this to try to vent a little after discovering a picture on the internet of my girlfriend with another guy at a club, after she told me nothing had happened that night.

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I was married for 10 years. My whole world had shattered when I turned 30 years old. My husband did not cheat on me, but he called the police on me because he didn't want to argue or talk to...

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Analysis of Form and Technique

How Can I Forget?


Published: January 2009

That very first day that we met,
It's a feeling I'll never forget.
All the experiences that we've shared,
I knew right away that you were rare.

You see, it's hard to find someone like you,
Usually, they're too good to be true.
Though I should've entered with more ration,
With you I felt so much passion.

I wish those things had never happened.
It feels as though my love's been abandoned.
All I wanted was to make you happy,
So why is it that I have to feel so crappy?

I want nothing more than for us to move on,
But it's so hard now that the trust is gone.
I want to get past this, I really do...
What can I do to make you be true?

My love for you is like an undying flame.
And I once wished for our love to remain.
Do you remember that day, the day that it snowed?
It's the day that I wished for our love to grow.

You hurt me that night; you need to know that you did.
And I need you to know that I can forgive.
But I'm really struggling with trying to forget,
Because I still feel the same as that first day we met.



For Students - Analysis of Form and Technique

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Techniques this poem uses:

  • This poem is made up of quatrains, which are 4 line stanzas.
    Read more about stanzas
  • This poem follows the rhyming pattern of AABB. The last words in lines one and two of each stanza rhyme with each other, and the last words in lines three and four rhyme.

    You see, it's hard to find a someone like you, A
    Usually they're too good to be true. A
    Though I should've entered with more ration, B
    But with you I felt so much passion. B

    Read more about rhyme schemes
  • There is a good sense of structure. The poem opens and closes with similar lines.

    That very first day that we met
    Because I still feel the same as that first day we met.

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  • The Lost by The Lost
  • 5 years ago

I was married for 10 years. My whole world had shattered when I turned 30 years old. My husband did not cheat on me, but he called the police on me because he didn't want to argue or talk to me about us so he kicked me out of my own home that we both owned. He became selfish and decided to follow the life style of his friends. He picked his friends over me and our 2 children. I feel totally betrayed. All I was is a GOOD wife but after everything that I had put up, I felt being a good wife was a waste of my time. I filed for divorce. I became lost and hurt...did not understand why this had happen to me. But all a sudden, my ex husbands wants me back! I wish things never happen the way it did. I can forgive, but I can't forget. I am still struggling and know for sure that things will not be the same. Will we ever have that trust again? Because of what I went through and what had happen to be....I am afraid to love someone again!

  • No Need To No by No Need To No
  • 5 years ago

The first day I have met him I knew he was the one for me I loved him with my whole heart. I had chosen him over my family. Even I did everything for him, just to be with him, but yet he still played me everytime, but because I love him so much I took him back everytime and now it is over between us and I am hurt, sad, angry everything and all I wanted was just to be with him, but thank god I have moved on with my life and I won't have him again in my life even if I love him so much. Never again.

  • Armani Lexxii Carter by Armani Lexxii Carter, South Africa
  • 5 years ago

I was in love with a guy for 2 years. I devoted my life to him but he tried hitting on my cousin who is 5 years younger than he is. It shattered my heart and I thought that I could never forgive him. But as time went on I realized that he is empty with out me. I forgave him. Having your heart broken is good it teaches us that life isn't perfect and that we should move on....

  • The Lonely One by The Lonely One
  • 6 years ago

I was so in love with a woman whom I worked with. She was seeing a guy who also worked with us behind my back and everyone knew but me, and to say the least I was devastated. When I confronted her about it she swore that it was a lie. We both left our place of employment because of the embarrassment. We struggled and lost everything, but we stayed together. I drove by her house late one night and my heart was completely ripped out when I saw the same guy's car parked in her driveway at 3am. I shared all my secrets and dreams with her because I loved her just that much and now I've lost everything. I was lost and broken so I've asked God to please restore my life and heal my heart. My world was completely torn apart because I loved and trusted someone whom I thought was my very best friend and soulmate. She made me promise never to lie, cheat, or leave her, and in the end she was the one who did just that to me. Even now I'm still sad every day and haunted in my dreams at night. Wishing it was just a bad dream and accepting that it's over.

  • Sri Lanka by Sri Lanka
  • 6 years ago

My 1st love & loved her for 3 years & married. I trusted her more than I trust myself. All our future was drawn by her. She was a beautiful housewife. Everything I did from the house painting, furniture, car, travels, helped her parents/sisters, etc was done to her taste, to see her happy and smiling. After v got a lovely daughter and few months later, She wanted to study more. So I stayed at home and spent for her studies and looked after the children. I earn enough money to live & save . We have 3 grown up children. 15 years after marriage, She had started to betray me by an illegal affair with an another married man. she made use of my every weakness to fool me & knew all the methods to cheat me. she did this for 7 long years. So I told her parent, that if she wants to leave us, please do whatever that makes her happy. But she don't like to go. But I had to be cool because of my children. So I like this poem.

  • Blake by Blake, Louisiana
  • 7 years ago

This just happened to me. I fell so hard for this girl and she is the only girl I could ever open up to in my life. We have dated twice but both with the same outcome. She always had another man on the side and she eventually faded away from me to the point where she would avoid me. We dated once a year ago, but our latest relationship just ended yesterday and all her Facebook statuses are of her and "surprise visits" by this other... guy. it drives me insane that she would do this. I remember all the good times we had together and wonder how she could just throw it all away so quickly. I still have feelings for this girl but she has feelings for someone new. I can't get these feelings out of my head. But I know she will just come back later when she has no one else...

  • Bow by Bow, New Mexico
  • 8 years ago

I dated this wonderful girl, we dated for a little less than a year but it wasn't till I found out she was on another guys phone, they had been dating behind my back for 5 months. When we would take time off to you know fix things she went to him. She made me feel like I was everything she needed, but now the truth was she wanted another guy. So it's not always the guys fault.

  • Betrayed by Betrayed
  • 8 years ago

Well it has been 14 happy, sad, painful years. But 6 years ago he vowed never to do me wrong no more. Well come to find out he was messing with the ex that he did me wrong with 6 years ago. I can't get past it. I went to the couples house wanted her man to know. Made me happy that he kicked her ass and I'm sure she got was she deserve. But that doesn't change the pain inside. I have become this person that doesn't trust no one. I'm constantly crying of the anger inside. I'm so stupid to believe this man. It has been 3 weeks and he had the nerve to tell me to get over it. Imagine that. I don't want him no more even though I still feel some love. There is no trust, and with no trust there is no relationship. What comes around goes around!

  • Jayjay by Jayjay
  • 8 years ago

This poem reminds me of my ex boyfriend we went out for 3 and a 1/2 years and the whole entire time he had lied to me, the relationship was a lie...I had photos of him with different girls made me sick to the pits of my stomach but I metaphorically thought the sun shone out of his ass and refused to accept the evidence lay before me...I broke up with him a week later and he still guilt trips me still for breaking the relationship off...I got hurt in the end and he wanted to play a game I had no interest in..broke my heart in two to break up with him, he was my first real boyfriend whom I'd shared my first real kiss with..3years almost onwards now and I'm still hurting but loving him at the same time...boys are confusing and make no sense whatsoever but the pain is never worth it..

  • Sonia by Sonia
  • 9 years ago

After 6 years I discovered my "boyfriend" has been hiding on the internet his real character saying he does not have a girlfriend and pictures with other girls in clubs. I felt like somebody punched me in the gut 20 times but it's best to find out sooner than later.

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