Hurting Poem

I was in love with someone who chose someone else over me.

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Your Path, My Heartbreak


Published: July 2011

You are blinded by shame
For all you have done
It hurts me so bad
That I was never number one.

I understand your pain
Or at least say that I do.
But really, inside,
I am just as lost as you.

You understand my pain
Or at least you claim that you do.
But how can you understand something
That you have never been through.

I try to accept your reasoning
Though my heart breaks in half
I know who is more important
You chose the right path

Still I can't grasp this concept
Of you being gone
My feelings never die
I know this is wrong.

I say that I'd do anything for you
That's a promise I can no longer make
Loving you is inevitable
It's something that I can't fake.



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