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Quote About A Girl Needing Her Daddy

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A little girl needs her Daddy
to love her with gentlemanly charm,
to hold her tightly when she is afraid
and keep her safe from harm.

Kacee Harrington

Loving Quote To A Loving Daughter

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For wherever in this world
you may roam,
in my heart
you'll always be home.

- Loretta A. Taylor

Quote About Bringing Honor To Your Family

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Protect and honor your family,
no matter what the cost.
A battle for your family
is a battle that can't be lost.

Mike Brown

Little Boys

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Little boys
are like rain,
rain that soaks you up
with their unconditional love

- Anuradha Dev


Adopted Child Quote

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I am not just a foster child with hope,
an adopted child with love;
I am a chosen child!

- Sheila T. Williams

Quote About A Baby Being A Gift Of Love

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A gift you are
from heaven above,
a perfect example
of God's precious love.

- Wendy Snyder

Heartbreaking Quote From Daughter To Father

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I remember when I was
the twinkle in my daddy's eyes.
Then he left one day
without saying good-bye.

- Heidi A. Hopson

Quote About The Value Of A Family

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Families aren't meant to be perfect,
just available, loving,
and caring
in the time of need.

- Betty Jean Henderson-McQuarters-Young

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