Family Poetry Quotes about Love

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Quote About Bringing Honor To Your Family

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Protect and honor your family,
no matter what the cost.
A battle for your family
is a battle that can't be lost.

Mike Brown

I'm Sorry Quote For Family And Friends

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Please take my hand, and together
let's make a stand to form a bond of love,
with the help from above,
and not let little things get in the way,
because we may not have another day.

- Joy Flake

Family Love Laughter

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Family, love, laughter
are what we should seek.
These are the precious things
right outside your door.

M. Jolynn Rawson-Hunt


Love Holds Us Together

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It was the hardship
that broke us apart,
but it's love
that still holds us together.

Tranikka K. Powell

Poem About Loving Family Members

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No matter what
you do
I'll never stop
loving you.

Lesa Faulkner

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