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Heartbreaking Poem From Daughter To Father

A heartbreaking poem from daughter to father. He has moved on and is no longer in her life.

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Wow. I can relate. My father has left and come back about 5 times, and all 5 times we've taken him back. He would stay about a week until he and my mom would have a fight (here 1 week, gone 2...

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Daddy Why?


Published by Family Friend Poems November 2006 with permission of the Author.

You were my dad that I once knew,
But little do you know the pain you put me through.
I've grown up and realized
That your life is nothing but one thousand lies.
You say that you love me more than I know,
But if that were true, then why doesn't it show?
I know you have her,
And you love her, I'm sure.
But don't forget I'm in your blood too,
But obviously that doesn't mean anything to you.
I remember when I was the twinkle in my daddy's eyes.
Then he left one day without saying goodbye.
You say mom's standing in the way
And all she wants is for you to pay.
Maybe that's true,
But what can I do?
I'm your daughter,
And you're supposed to be my father.
Does that mean anything to you?
But that you'll never see,
And a father you will never be.
If you could see the tears running down my face.
Still the years have passed you can't replace.
So, Dad, I've given up on you, and this time I'll leave.
From this day forward I'll just call you Steve.


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  • Avery Mink by Avery Mink
  • 2 years ago

My dad was in my life when I was younger, but then when I was 12, he left and got married. My dad's name is Steve as well, which made this way more personal. It just hurts when I have such good memories of when I was younger with him. I thought he was the best dad in the world. But now I'm 15, and I only have the memories of me crying, wondering when I'll see my dad again, does he think of me, does he love me, why doesn't he text me back? I text him every day, "I love you dad," "I miss you dad," and he used to answer at first, but now all I see is that he keeps leaving me on delivered. I kind of was rebellious last summer, and my mom told him I need to see him because I'm out of control. He said, "I'll be there this weekend, and we were supposed to meet up at a coffee shop when I haven't seen him in two years... and guess what, he didn't show up. When I needed my dad the most he didn't care and gave me false hope. I'm not mad, just sad and hurting. I want my daddy back.

  • Claudia by Claudia
  • 5 years ago

I understand how you guys feel. I never knew my father, but my mom always told me how great he was. When I turned 18, I asked my mom if I could see him. She sat me down and told me that he actually wasn't what she made him out to be. Because she wanted me to grow up thinking that my dad was a great person, she wanted me to grow up thinking that he wanted me and my little sister, but he didn't. He had every chance to, but he only ever came to see us twice. So my mom moved me and my siblings away because she wanted us to think the world of him and only told us the good things about him. And to be honest, I still cry at night silently to myself so no one else can hear me. It still breaks my heart that he doesn't want me or want to see me, but I know deep down that I don't ever want to meet him because my mom makes me more happy than he ever could.

  • Fatimah A. by Fatimah A.
  • 6 years ago

Wow. I can relate. My father has left and come back about 5 times, and all 5 times we've taken him back. He would stay about a week until he and my mom would have a fight (here 1 week, gone 2 years). When that happens, I hide in my room, put my head in between my knees, and cry. Once I'm done, I splash my face with cold water to remove the redness and blow my nose. I walk downstairs because once I'm done so is the yelling. I walk downstairs and give both of my parents a quick hug so they won't think I'm choosing sides, but I am ALWAYS on my mom's. He is the oppressor. He has tried to manipulate me so many times. "I love you" is almost a lie, but it still is slightly true. He is the reason my mom has insomnia and I have to keep so many secrets and emotions to myself. I want to make him leave. He's caused too many problems, but I am silenced by his power. I'm eleven years old and done with the pain. He is one of the reasons I want to go out of state for college or have my own apartment.

  • Queenter Skat by Queenter Skat
  • 6 years ago

I didn't know my dad until recently, but if you are like me and you have a mom who believes in you, know that our moms are capable of anything.

  • Nomahlubi Marweshi by Nomahlubi Marweshi
  • 6 years ago

My father left me when he broke up with my mom. I was 19 months old at that point. I don't know what my father looked like physically. While growing up, my wish was that when I turned 21 I wanted all the people that complete me to be there with me, but that never happened. I decided to find him. I almost hired a private investigator until my mom told me who he was. I searched for him on Facebook, and I found him. He has my contact information, but he only called me twice. I never met him.

  • Luckyinlimbo by Luckyinlimbo
  • 6 years ago

I had very similar situation as many of you did: an abusive alcoholic father who bailed on us when I was 8. He had several mistresses while married to my mom, and I can still recall hearing her cry at night, wondering where he was and when (or even if) he would return. My advice to everyone, especially those of you who are teens is to find help to deal with all your pain and unresolved issues before becoming involved with dating. See a counselor or therapist if at all possible and gain skills that will help you recognize that you may very well attract or be drawn to relationships and people with abandonment tendencies. Children learn what they live, even if it was bad. Some of our attitudes and ideas were formed by what we experienced, and sometimes a bad relationship just feels comfortable or familiar and we don't even consider why. The cycle has to be consciously broken, which takes time, effort, and self-awareness.

  • Jorja Gillin by Jorja Gillin
  • 6 years ago

When I was born, my father left me and my twin for another lady. We were just a week old then. We are now 11. My older brother's twin died at birth. So did my younger sister's. I'm lucky to have my twin by my side. Every day I wonder to myself, why did he leave me? Why hasn't he come back home? When will I see him again? My mother got married 4 years ago, so I have had a father figure in a part of my life. But it's just so hard not knowing who my real father is. It doesn't feel right. I just feel so frustrated at him right now.

  • Sabrina Braithwaite by Sabrina Braithwaite
  • 7 years ago

My daughter's father abandoned her from the moment he knew I was pregnant. He's a doctor. I've been to court, and still he gets away with it all. She's 7 months old and he never made an effort to do anything for her or be a part of her life. I thought she doesn't understand what's going on, but when my friend came to visit with her son and his father was playing with him she stopped playing and sat quietly in a corner and looked at them with a sad face. I'm not sure she understood, but I felt guilty for her having to grow up without him.

  • Jorja Gillin by Jorja Gillin
  • 6 years ago

That's exactly what happened to me. My dad left me at birth. I haven't seen him since. I don't even know what he looks like except what I see on photos. I know how your daughter must be feeling.

  • Mindy Montgomery by Mindy Montgomery
  • 6 years ago

Don't feel guilty. It's not your fault. It's his fault. My dad abandoned me right after my mom died when I was 9. It was so difficult. But I knew in my heart that it was no one's fault except his. Don't feel guilty. Your daughter loves you and will always love you.

  • Angele by Angele
  • 6 years ago

My dad left before I was born. He and my mom were still boyfriend and girlfriend at the time and she got pregnant. She had been trying to get pregnant from her first marriage, but that didn't go so well. When she told him, he said he didn't want to raise a child, that he wasn't ready. My mom was already around the age of 40 and she said, "Fine, I'll raise my child without you." He got up and left, and ever since that day my mom has been taking care of me. It'll be 14 years next week. Surrounded by a loving family. Men can be a pain, but sometimes if you stayed with that man, he might not have treated your child well. But I'm doing fine and a Junior Olympic swimmer who has a loving family. And that's all I need!

  • Anon by Anon
  • 7 years ago

My dad left almost 3 years ago, from this upcoming summer. He left without a goodbye, and I missed him in the beginning. Over the past 2 years I have had so much hate for him. The thought off him made me want to punch something, someone. I am currently 15 years old. He missed Christmases, birthdays, and many other holidays. Recently, I moved states away from him, my mom seeing no chance of him coming back, and since then, I miss him. He has ruined my like in so many different ways to the point where it hurts. I want to see him again, but to the point that it will hurt, I don't know. Can anyone relate?

  • Eric by Eric
  • 5 years ago

Fathers love their children. I haven't seen my daughter in years - not because I don't care, but because her mother and grandparents ripped my heart out of my chest. I was cheated on, beaten, and jailed. To top it off, my car was stolen, I was kicked out of my house, and robbed by my ex-wife. There is a system designed to separate fathers from their children. It happened to me and my daughter. I love her but hate her mother, grandparents, and the army of enemies standing between me and my child.

  • Peggy Wright by Peggy Wright
  • 6 years ago

Just remember that our life doesn't have to stop because someone else decides to be selfish. We are responsible for our outcome and to break that cycle with our future. Other people should not have that control over our emotions, even if it's our parents. We determine our happiness. We control how our story ends. Let's pick ourselves back up and be better people than those who abandon us. Let's show that we are different and won't ever abandon those who love us. I'm praying for you all.

  • Ally Jane L. Guieb by Ally Jane L. Guieb
  • 7 years ago

Yes, I relate to this. My dad left me when IO was just turning 10 years old. His significant other (mistress) walked straight to me, my mom, and my siblings while we were in the mall. My mom yelled at her and we left. The day after my birthday ruined Pink Princess Dancing Sunshine (me) and turned into Dark Stormy Night. I got so depressed ever since. I have ALWAYS looked up to my dad. He taught me a lot about being a good kid and that was what I get in return: being hit by the door when he kicked it down. I lost myself. I almost committed suicide when I was just in third grade. I knew since I was just 3 years old since the word mistress repeated in my head and found out what it means when I turned 8 years old. I was abandoned at home afterwards. We rarely smiled or laughed. I felt invisible, worthless, a waste of space, and a lot more. I stopped taking care of my health today. I never loved myself. The bullying got so hard for me in sixth grade. But I know I'll find myself in the future.

  • Isabella Borcky by Isabella Borcky
  • 7 years ago

Yes, I can relate to this. My father left me when I was 8. I am now 14. He's was there when I was 8 but wasn't at the same time. He was physical here but mentally he was not. He broke me before any boy could. He called me names. I hate him so much. He left me thinking I'm not good enough for him, that I'm a waste of space. I cry out for help, but no one answers. I cry myself to sleep every night knowing he's happier without me in his life

  • Brooke Rixon by Brooke Rixon
  • 7 years ago

Hi, I can relate to you. My dad left me about 5 years ago and I'm now 13. He left without saying goodbye. At first I never ever wanted to speak to him or see him again, but now I really miss him, and I want him to come home where he belongs.

  • Mikaela Thcker by Mikaela Thcker
  • 7 years ago

Hey, I promise you it gets better. My dad left me too. All I have is pictures from when I was little. He left 3 years ago before summer and I'm also 15. I'm sorry you have to go through this, but you are not alone. You are loved and you matter.

  • Annastasia by Annastasia
  • 7 years ago

This poem relates to me on many levels. By the age of three, both of my parents were not around anymore. My mom left me and my dad when I was two years old. I remember watching my dad get arrested by two police officers when I was three. My mom and I got in touch just last year.

  • Entle Mosala by Entle Mosala
  • 7 years ago

My dad never wanted me from the day I was born. If it were up to him, he would have aborted me. He denied me and left my mother while she was still pregnant. But his family accepted me to a point that his mother raised me.
My mom died when I was 9. That's when my grandma took me in. She loved me, and I am grateful for that. But growing up wasn't easy...

Apparently my dad wanted to reunite with me, which I gave him the chance and moved in with him. Unfortunately, he's married, and at the house we didn't get along very well. I was abused physically and emotionally. I only prayed that God would take me out of their lives. And he did...

From that day, I knew I didn't need him and that my life was better off without him. And instead, I wished he was the one who was dead. But then again, I realized having so much anger and resentment towards him kills me daily...I'm the woman that I am today because of him. Strong, smart, intelligent, brave, beautiful and confident.

  • Entleh by Entleh
  • 8 years ago

My dad abandoned me when I was born, he told my mom that she must not tell his wife that I'm his daughter.

  • Nandipha L MAdolo by Nandipha L MAdolo, Cape Town
  • 8 years ago

I had trust issues when I was a growing up, because my mother left us and chose the new man in her life and cheated on my dad. I was only 1 and half years old that time and my siblings were less than ten respectively. Even when I am met her at the age of 21, she never sat down with me to admit that she wronged us .

My elder sister was ok with her and they get along and she still treats my kids as strangers as she is like a stranger to them. But I am ok years later as I accepted that she will never make an apology on what she did to me especially as I was the youngest at that time.
I vowed to be with my kids under any circumstances, I will protect them with all I have.

  • Madeline by Madeline, Texas
  • 9 years ago

My father abandoned my family seven years ago this summer. I often feel like he didn't love me as much as my brothers because I was the last to know. I found out the morning after he left.
My father would come back to my mother periodically throughout the last seven years and would always leave within a short period of time. This gave me many issues trusting anyone.
My father would always give us a standard excuse for his leaving. "Your mother and I just don't get along, sweetheart." But, I have recently discovered that, when he left my mom the first time, his girlfriend introduced him to the prescription drug high. And ever since he and my mother started to talk again, at one point they actually had a year long relationship in which he lived with us again, but my mother kicked him out when she found out he had discovered illegal drugs.
He chose the drugs over his children. My mom gave him the choice to move away from drugs with us and he chose to stay in our hometown with his new girlfriend and Corey (his meth buddy).
I no longer have contact with my father, and on my brothers' birthdays they have to contact him to receive recognition. Sometimes, it seems like we don't have a father, like we lost him seven years ago. Do you think drugs can kill a person's soul?

  • SANDRA by SANDRA, Kenya,Nyanza
  • 8 years ago

The same happened to me. My dad and mom separated when we were too young. Being the first born in a family of three, mom gave me out for an adoption. We sailed through thick and thin but what hits me most is that mom passed away after the hard struggles and later dad followed. We have never had the love of a father, we don't even understand the role of a father in other people's lives since we were never given that. That has affected my life and I am afraid of who men are...if only my dad could have been there for us, things could have worked better. But still I have a dad who is God.

  • Tina by Tina
  • 9 years ago

My ex husband abandoned my daughter before she was born. He said he didn't have any love for my child and threatened to hurt her. I live with my parents who abuse and remind me everyday that I'm worthless. My daughter is 2 and I am scared and lost, don't know where to go, what to do, how to start planning. I feel miserable Alone and Helpless.

  • Jaretzy by Jaretzy, Cruz
  • 10 years ago

My dad left when I was born he says I'm sorry but I always loved you. My dad is no longer my dad I just call him Jaime now he doesn't care. He has lied to me since I was born. He cheated on my mom I feel so bad. Nobody in my family talks to him. He moved to New Mexico he didn't care about me and my brothers and mom he just went away.

  • Kristen by Kristen, Ohio
  • 11 years ago

My dad left when I was 2 years old he said it's not my fault and he loves me. My dad is no longer my dad I just call him Jason now he doesn't care. He has lied to me ever since the day I came out of my mom. he cheated on my mom it hurts so bad. Nobody in my family talks to him. He moved to Georgia this year he got engaged 3 days after my moms birthday so that's the proof he hates me and my mom.

  • Angela Romero by Angela Romero, Salt Lake City
  • 12 years ago

My daughter's father abandoned her before she was born, he abandoned her for another women, and had other kids with the other women, and he has everything to do with those kids but not my daughter. She knows who her father is and loves him with all her heart, and she suffers everyday because he hardly even sees her at all and when he does it has to be secretly so the new women doesn't find out because she doesn't want him to have anything to do with my daughter at all, and she hates my daughter because she's mine, and my daughter thinks it's her fault that her dad doesn't have anything to do with her. She thinks she done something to him to make him stay away from her and thinks he doesn't love also because of this. She is only 6 years old.

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