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I am a 35-year-old woman. I have a daughter and a son. Daughter being the first one holds a very special place in my heart but as my son is growing older (he was 5 this October), I am starting appreciate small adorable things boys do that I would have missed if my son would not have come in my life. I am from India. In India a male child is given much more importance than a female child. I always hated this fact. I never wanted a male child. But after my son I have changed. This is for him. Happy birthday, Adi!

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Nice. Written about boys. I wish I had boys because I grew up with girls and I have two girls.

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Little Boys


Published by Family Friend Poems February 2014 with permission of the Author.

Little boys
Everyone said boys are difficult.
They are alien creatures,
Difficult to manage
And impossible to understand.
Well, I agree.
They are like a ball,
Can't stay still.
They give you mini heart attacks
Each time they go out and get hurt.
They are naughty,
They are noisy,
They are wild!
But nobody told me
How I would feel
When this bundle of energy
Would come running
And smother me with their force.
Or when this stubborn creature
Sneaks up from behind,
Kisses you and runs away laughing.
Or when he would say innocently,
"Mumma, when I grow up
I'll marry you!"
Little boys are like rain,
Rain that soaks you up with
Their unconditional love.
Yes, they are difficult!
But isn't it worth it
When they cuddle with you
And go to sleep,
Making you feel like the
Most important person in their lives?
They say boys are yours
Until they get married.
Having them for a quarter of a century,
Isn't it better than not having that love at all?
To my bundle of joy and energy
Happy birthday!


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  • Anuradha by Anuradha
  • 6 years ago

Nice. Written about boys. I wish I had boys because I grew up with girls and I have two girls.

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