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Mother and daughter relationships are complex because the daughter looks to her mother as a role model of what a woman is. As she grows up and sees other women who live their lives differently, she chooses between imitating her mother or other significant influences in her life. As an adolescent she may come to look down on her mother and think that other woman are much better. Of course she is not a fully grown woman so she does not understand the challenges and choices that her mother faces. It is only when she herself becomes a woman that she can fully appreciate her mother.

Poems about Mothers and Daughters


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  1. Mommy

    • By Madisyn B
    • Published: February 2015
    Poem About All My Mother Has Done

    You brushed my hair and tucked me in,
    Made me laugh for hours on end.
    You kissed my boo-boos when I fooled around.
    Mommy, you never let me down.

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    I really enjoyed having this site. It is a really good and enjoyable site for me!!

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  3. Mommy Do You Love Me?

    • By Arnot McCallum
    • Published: August 2007

    Mommy, do you love me?
    Of course I do dear!
    Let's snuggle a minute,
    Come sit,...

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    My one and only biological daughter is fifteen. I have not seen her since Mother's Day in 2016. She stopped talking to me in June 2016. She has gone as far as blocking me, changing her phone...

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  4. My Heart

    • By Sharlynn N. Manning
    • Published: February 2006
    Always There For Me

    She's always been there for me
    Just talking to her can make me happy
    She tells me of the hard times she's been through
    In hopes that I won't go through them too...

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    I'm using this in my mom's christmas gift, I know she'll love it.

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  6. Precious Gift


    When times seem too hard to bear and I feel like giving up
    I vision your beautiful face, the twinkle of your eyes and things of such
    The bond we created from my womb to the day you were born
    Is a mother and daughter bond that can never be torn...

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    I was told by a Doctor at an Army Base that I couldn't have a baby. I prayed and ask God to help me. I would dedicate her back to Him...just give me a baby to raise. A few months later I...

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  7. Love At Last

    • By Peggy Liimatta
    • Published: April 2008
    Poem From Mom Who Wants Her Daughter's Love

    I remember the good times,
    that we once had...
    but still my life,
    is sad...

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    My daughters and I never had a very close relationship when my children were younger. I was a drug addict. Now my daughter is grown, and she is a mother of her own. She is now facing cervical...

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  8. Mommy Dearest

    • By Deanne Finewood
    • Published: May 2008


    Mommy Dearest you will always be
    My mother so loving and so loved by me
    For God has taken you to be by his side
    Now in Heaven is where you will reside...

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    I love this poem, I was looking for a poem to place on my Facebook page in remembrance of my Mom on mother's day and what would have been her upcoming birthday

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  10. Tidal Wave Of Emotions

    • By Stacy L. Stiles
    • Published: July 2011

    A tidal wave of emotions,
    have sent my soul out to sea.
    Crashing currents submersing,
    what once was you and me. ...

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    My beautiful daughter died 561 days ago. She was ill for a long time and although I prayed for her suffering to end, I am consumed with grief. We were so close and her passing has left an...

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  11. Because You're My Mom

    • By Linda Arlene Fassett
    • Published: November 2009
    Poem About Mom And Daughter


    Because you are my mom you loved me before I was ever seen
    You thanked God for this miracle, this little human being
    So exciting, yet fragile it all must have seemed to you then
    Hearing my little heart beat inside you, now life begins

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    I was looking for something to put in a card for my mum. I found this, and it is perfect! My mum is the one who helps me with everything; from making art projects colorful to those hard days...

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  12. The Ruse

    Poem From Mother About Daughters Depression

    She's beauty, style, poise and grace,
    At least she appears to be.
    But no one knows the girl who hides
    Behind the face they see....

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    I myself have a daughter that is now going to be 26 in a little over a month. She doesn't leave the house at all, she comes to my house and to her Dr's appointments but not by choice. They...

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  13. I Don't Want Any Other

    • By Ashley N. Hoppes
    • Published: February 2006
    Mom Please Come Back Into My Life Poem

    Our life has not been easy,
    We've managed to drift apart

    But whatever it's worth...

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    Wow, beautiful poem. I love it. One of my favorites on this website.

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