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Worldwide Social Injustice

I see all people living in the world as one big family, brothers and sisters all basically the same, just different nationalities. Recent issues have been the inspiration for this poem.

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Never Again

Beryl L Edmonds © more by Beryl L Edmonds

Published by Family Friend Poems September 2020 with permission of the Author.

It's time to embrace every culture,
One flock, one shepherd, one fold
Whatever our race, hue or faith
We're all made from the same mould.

Words said that shouldn't be spoken,
Which create spiraling typhoons.
Too many hearts being broken,
Too many lives taken too soon.

What happened to love thy neighbour
The same as we love our own selves?
Wistful in the face of failure
Are those with hearts where kindness dwells.

Take the lead, let live and let breathe.
All mankind is born in freedom.
It's written in the stars and creed.
Stand by your faith, care and reason.

For peace and worldwide harmony,
As life was surely preordained,
We can only hope fervently
No one ever gets crushed again.



My interest and love of poetry began at school, when I was fourteen years of age. The class were given the project of writing an anthology of verse, using our own poetry and designing the cover for our book.
I really enjoyed the project and still have the book I made.
Poetry has remained a lifelong hobby, I enjoy reading and writing poems to...

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