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    Poems by Rinalene

  • Life Without You

    • Published: March 2016
    Poem About Feeling Sad Missing Husband Who Is Away

    in Husband Poems

    I'm sad and feeling blue
    Doing nothing but thinking of you.
    I hope you can feel it too
    'Cause I'm getting crazy; don't know what to do.

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  • Thank You, Mama

    • Published: March 2016

    in Mother Daughter Poems

    I came to this world nothing.
    I thank you, Mama, for taking care of me.
    I am so weak and can't stand alone.
    Thank you, Mama, for helping me stand on my own.

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  • Heart And Mind

    • Published: July 2008
    Lover Becomes Priest

    in Falling in Love Poems

    When I met you, my life changed
    Don't know when this feeling came
    I got out of bed one morning
    Shocked about this feeling...

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    I can relate with this because, the person I developed strong feelings for became a priest. I am so happy that God heard my prayer for him. I had fallen for him unknowingly and it was just...

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  • Miles Away From The One I Love

    • Published: July 2008

    in I Miss You Poems

    Miles away
    I'm getting insane
    Of the distance we have
    How can we be together...

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    I live 3,805 miles away from the one I love. The pain of being so far hurts me on the inside and out. I'll never stop loving him, as much as I want to sometimes. My friends think I'm crazy...

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  • True Love

    • Published: July 2008

    in True Love Poems


    I do believe the Lord above
    Created you for me to feel the love
    He picked you up from all the rest
    Because He knows I love you best

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  • Rinalene
  • 1 year ago

Thank you J Sha for sharing yours, too. Yeah, everything happens for a reason. For sure when time comes that you guys will meet again, friendship will still be there. Keep on praying, be happy.

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  • Rinalene
  • 1 year ago

Because love is really amazing. Thank you for sharing yours too.

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