Dream Poem

Self-Motivation And Courage

This poem signifies the courage that a person requires to achieve his/her goals. It will tell about the feelings and emotions that I felt while struggling to achieve my goals. It will signify my journey from having an idea or dream, what challenges I faced, and how I overcame.

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A Road Of Courage Toward The Dream


Published: April 2020

She wanted to fly up in the sky.
With big dreams in her eyes and passion in her mind...

She never looked back; she never looked down.
She kept on walking, even on a rocky ground.

She felt broken and almost gave up midway,
But it was her courage that supported her night and day.

She wanted to share her emotions and feelings
That were making her weak with problem dealings.

She tried to express in thousand ways she found,
But thought it easy to just shup up and lie down.

She never knew those hurdles were making her strong.
She just thought her decision went wrong.

But she continued to take her baby steps...
Toward the dreams she once felt.

With passion in her mind and courage in her heart,
She was again ready to build her own dream art...


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