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Inspired By The Night Sky

When I look up at a clear night sky and see the stars, I feel as if a loved one is looking down. As a child, I was taught to wish upon a star, and that special feeling has stayed.

Copied rhyme ends from The Tiger by William Blake

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A Shining Star

Ann D. Stevenson © more by Ann D. Stevenson

Published: September 2020

I see your star still shining bright
amongst the others in the night,
a sight so blessed, as by my eye
your star now rests in symmetry.

How I love the nighttime skies,
such magic drifts before my eyes;
these are the times when I aspire
to write what sets my heart on fire.

To write in rhyme is such an art,
words all coming from my heart;
like my heart, they need a beat,
metric poems in measured feet.

Words start forming in a chain,
tumbling round within my brain
about the love I tried to grasp,
the love no longer in my clasp.

Grief attacks with many spears,
piercing holes for leaking tears,
but gazing at night skies I see
the one lone star I think is thee.

I see your star so shining bright
amongst the others of the night,
a sight so blessed, as by my eye
your soul now rests in symmetry.



I began writing when I joined a Writing for Well-being Course. It was at a difficult time, as my husband had recently been diagnosed with cancer. I discovered that I really enjoyed writing, especially poetry. I then received a further boost to my morale when Family Friends began to publish one or two of my poems. Family Friends really is an...

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