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Staying Calm When Stressed

This poem delivers the message we all need at times of stress: "Keep calm and breathe." It is written in the form of a Rondeau.

A Rondeau is a French poetry form. A phrase from the first stanza is repeated as the last line of the second and third stanzas. It is made up of fifteen lines that consist of only two sets of rhymes throughout the entire poem: aabba aabR aabbaR.

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Keep Calm And Breathe

Ann D. Stevenson © more by Ann D. Stevenson

Published by Family Friend Poems October 2020 with permission of the Author.

Keep calm and breathe when feeling stressed,
when life is tough. If you're depressed
go for a walk, breathe in fresh air;
talk to a friend you know will care;
don't keep those feelings all suppressed.

Be honest, say if you're distressed;
those feelings need to be addressed.
There is a message I can share.
                   "Keep calm and breathe."

You'll find when feelings are confessed
and healing methods are accessed,
tough times are easier to bear;
and I will say a little prayer.
These words will help you to destress:
                   "Keep calm and breathe."



Ann D. Stevenson only began writing after she retired, when she joined a Writing for Well-Being course. It was during a difficult time, as her husband had recently been diagnosed with cancer. She discovered that she really enjoyed writing, especially poetry. It was a real boost to her morale when Family Friend Poems began publishing her poems....

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