Spiritual Poem about Nature

Triumph Radiant Rainbow, Symbolizing Hope

This poem vividly portrays the sky's emotional journey from sorrow and storm to the eventual triumph of a radiant rainbow

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A Symphony Of Celestial Emotions

Vinny Vintila © more by Vinny Vintila

Published by Family Friend Poems February 7, 2024 with permission of the Author.

The sky weeps,
profound sadness among the clouds,
mourning spreads
across the celestial vault.

Heavy and cloudy tears
torment the sky,
boulders of sorrow
roll across the earth.

The storm takes control
of the kingdom of the sky,
the sun becomes a captive,
to the gloomy dungeon
of the relentless tempest.

Fortunately, though,
everything is temporary.

The rainbow,
a knight in polychrome armor,
appears on the horizon,
displaying a broad smile
banishes the dark and heavy

The rainbow has freed
the exiled sun
and brought back its
celestial smile.



Vinny Vintila was raised in Transylvania, Romania, and he grew up in a middle-class household where work ethic and education were very important. In 1997 he left Romania and settled in California, USA. Initially, it was a little bit of a culture shock, but he adjusted well. After just one year, he joined the Army National Guard Reserve for four...

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