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I wrote this poem as a joke when I was in high school.. I was cleaning out a drawer and I found it...

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I love this poem. It's hilarious!

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A Tragic Bean Story


Published: February 2011

You told me not to fart mom,
so I didn't eat the beans.
You told me it would smell mom,
So I knew it would be mean
Everyone ate the brown beans mom,
But I ate mashed potatoes instead.
A person who ate the brown beans farted mom
and it smelt really bad.
People pointed fingers at me mom,
and my face turned really red.
I told them it wasn't me mom
but they didn't believe what I said.
My friends don't like me anymore mom.
They say I'm a liar.
As for the brown beans mom
I will never be a buyer!



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  • Silversong by Silversong
  • 3 years ago

I love this poem. It's hilarious!

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