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This poem was written 31 years ago! I was truly taken back one day when my daughter had stopped by my house to give me this. It actually sent chills through me to think that it was kept for all this time by a lady I knew from church and being friends with one of her daughters.
I was very close to the Lord, but throughout the years I guess I became lost and built up walls. This poem reminded me that I may have forgotten about Him, but He never stopped loving me!

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All Alone


Published: March 2013

...All alone
waiting patiently to hear your soft voice
thoughts of your love
wrap around my flesh and bones
while my heart rejoices
with the love you have given me
that overflows as the sea
My sins have been covered by your precious blood
To you, I am as white as snow
How great it is to know
being with you eternally
living a life so free

Oh Lord, you speak to me words of love from above
that are pure as the morning dove
          -So gentle, peaceful...
          timid and beautiful-
Let me treasure your words in my mind
Never leaving them behind
I want to grow stronger
          -thirst and hunger-
for your words
that are sharper than a two-edged sword
I ask you to cleanse my spirit and soul
that is forever in your control
I give everything to you...
          My Lord so sweet and true

...All alone
waiting patiently to hear your soft voice
In my dreams I see angels that rejoice
In a far-off distance I see light so clear
with glowing hands reaching out
How it soothes my heart making me feel brand new
There is no fear or doubt
In a soft whisper I hear you say...
          "I Love You"



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