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This Poem Is About A Color Seen In Nature

This poem is full of hidden meanings especially regarding a specific color. See if you can identify the color.

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Beautiful Reminders

Michael J. Malone © more by Michael J. Malone

Published by Family Friend Poems December 5, 2023 with permission of the Author.

As the sun crests the earth's horizon
With the beautiful dawn of a new day
The Picturesque scene awe inspiring
With dazzling colors too many to say

Freezing my eyes in time and place
Thought provoking of what I'm seeing
A primary color sets my mind in pace
Captured still my thoughts un-freeing

As the sun moves in time to a place
Shining down on passionate roses below
Color representing love in hearts race
All-consuming of thoughts you know

Time with place to place the sun moves
Looking back prior to the season of fall
Falling tree leaves this color approves
Not seen through winter's snowfall

But seen abundantly in a winter's holiday
Gifts given through memories invoked
Precious time spent together, more I pray
This heart felt message will be un-cloaked

Winter is gone and the sun moves on
To the next reminder in both time and place
Through spring to summer as flowers grow
Their color depicting a beautiful blushing face

As the sun sets below the earth's horizon
With the beautiful end of another day
The Picturesque scene awe inspiring
With dazzling colors too many to say

But a color stands out above the rest
Freezing my thoughts in time and place
Ever consuming all of my thoughts
Because of whom all this reminds me of



Not a lot to say here. I just enjoy writing as a means to mentally unwind. I also like to read what others have written and look for the meaning behind the words. Not just the meaning, but the emotions/feelings that are being communicated through the words.

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