Broken Friendship Poem

Are We Really Friends?

I wrote this poem when I thought I had lost my best friend to people who didn't deserve an awesome person like her and turned her to their side. I was momentarily confused at that time and still don't know what an actual friend is. I guess I won't until I find one. I hope someone else can relate to what I am talking about.

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Okay, this same thing happened with me. People used to tell me, "Ew, why do you talk to him?" Even he knows that I defended him. Still, I hung out, and he started saying, "I can't get rid of...

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Best Friends?


Published by Family Friend Poems May 2010 with permission of the Author.

What are best friends?
Are they always there for you?
Do they keep secrets?
Do they hide from you?

Do they stay by your side?
Or do they trash you to your enemies?
Do they comfort you in tough times?
Or do they make fun of you like you have fleas?

Do they pretend they care?
Do they stab you in the back?
Do they actually care?
Or do they use you?

I don't know what a best friend is
Because I thought I had one,
But it turns out,
She makes me feel like a fool.

I defended her in school
When everyone else made fun.
I hung out with her
Even if it meant not being cool.

After everything I do,
She ends up taking advantage of me.
Now she barely confides in me
Or even considers me a best friend.

She has kicked me out of her life.
Now I'm just another person that goes to school with her.
She is liked at school now,
With friends galore,
But she has kicked out the one
Who loved her for her.

So tell me,
Is this what "best friends" do?
Because if it is,
I would rather not have one,
I wouldn't want to hurt you.


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  • Ihavenoidea by Ihavenoidea
  • 1 year ago

Okay, this same thing happened with me. People used to tell me, "Ew, why do you talk to him?" Even he knows that I defended him. Still, I hung out, and he started saying, "I can't get rid of her," and made me look desperate for him in front of MY friends and my other classmates. And the thing is, it wasn't a one-sided friendship. It's like he used me to get into some group. All my friends have stopped talking to me, even the people I barely talk to. It hurts so bad it physically makes me sick.

  • Karen Elisabeth Becker by Karen Elisabeth Becker
  • 4 years ago

I had a best friend. I worshipped the ground she walked on. When my Nani passed away, I needed her, and she was too busy to care. That was the first time I tried to end myself. I have wanted a best friend my whole life and thought I had found that trait in a few but was sorely mistaken. I have always been the one who listened more, cared more, loved more, and have bent over backwards for my friends. It kills me to this day that I am without a best friend. What is wrong with me? There are people who are so cruel and they are surrounded by friends. I guess I am at that stage of life where it's quality over quantity. I have put walls up around my heart and wonder if I will ever get a chance to receive the gift of a best friend.

  • Ama Boahama by Ama Boahama
  • 5 years ago

I have a best friend, but she is tearing my heart out. I never thought she would ever do this to me because we shared secrets and everything. She keeps on saying sorry every time, and I keep on believing things will get better, but now I am alone with a broken heart. It hurts so much, but I guess I have to let her go. After reading all the experiences of other people, I think that's how the world is. I can't trust anyone again after what I have been through. Thanks so much.

  • Army by Army
  • 5 years ago

I completely understand you. Someone betrayed me recently, and I felt heartbroken. They broke my trust. It happened during my worst times of life. I sympathize with you. It will be hard, but you will find friends. Just remember always to keep your parents close.

  • Marth Wolf by Marth Wolf, Germany
  • 9 years ago

I have been through that a lot its made me anti social those who have the hearts of purity like a bright white rose are easily broken 10/10 for the poem though

  • Hazel by Hazel
  • 10 years ago

This poem is so true my friend did that to me last year and then this year she came back being all nice and we became bffs again then half way through the year she does it again oh well I gave her a second chance last time but when she comes back crying this time she is not getting a third chance

PS it was really nice reading about other peoples experiences we should start a blog or something :)

  • Sarah by Sarah, New Zeland
  • 11 years ago

Yes, I know what you mean! I had an amazing friend and she turned on me for stupid things but at least now I know who I can trust!x

  • Scarlet by Scarlet
  • 13 years ago

I have... HAD a friend like that. We were friends our WHOLE lives until high school when she totally kicked me to the curb for a guy, and it's like I never even mattered to her.

I completely understand. I don't really want to share exactly what happened. But yeah it happened to me too. It still hurts and I do miss her but I gave her a second chance and least now I know.

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