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Letter To A School Shooter

I'm a 39 year old mother. I've been writing poems secretly since I was 9. My parents would fight and put me in my room. To release my emotions, I'd write them down and make a poem out of them. No one ever cared about my feelings, so no one would listen to me, so I bought a journal and I wrote them down, hoping someday somebody will realize how important these are to me.

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Dear School Shooters...And Everyone Else

© more by Dusty . Kallembach

Published by Family Friend Poems March 2018 with permission of the author.

Dear school shooters and everyone else,

Hurt people hurt people.
That's what they say.
I wish you'd gotten help,
But you made them pay.

I'll never understand.
If you knew such pain,
Why create more
By acting insane?

Mommas are crying
As they lie in their beds.
A parent's worst nightmare.
Their child is dead.

Things you've been through.
The news says a lot,
But there's no excuse.
Is that all you've got.

There are other ways to deal,
Yet their lives you stole.
You caused more pain
Than you'll ever know.

Misery loves company
And evil exists.
Let's all pray.
Let's end this.

All God's people
Gather as one,
Become united.
It shall be done.



My name is Dusty. Im a 41 yr old mother of 4. I have written poems since I was small. I have major anxiety and I found that writing my feelings when I was anxious helped me relieve them. In a moment of panic, sadness or hope, I use writing as my therapy.

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