Memorial Day Poem

Poem About Those Who Fought In Vietnam

Many years ago while sitting in church I started this poem. While on Memorial Day Sunday this last few weeks, the pastor ignored the day, so I started scribbling the poem anew. Flashing back to 1972, I was in college and had registered at 17. In October, the draft came up I was 52 A. In Dec the War in Vietnam came to a close, and I was not called up. This is for the men born before me who did not come back mentally or physically.

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Do We Remember?


Published by Family Friend Poems June 2014 with permission of the Author.

In a bush, in a jungle, a man child hides 
Hoping not to die
To his mother he cries
Quiet and still he lies

Alone, lost and scared
Flashlights search the air
Will they remember, will they care
That he was hungry, tired and scared

As bullets fill the air
He remembers the dare,
He answered the call
And gave his all

In summation
What is a nation,
who ask so much from so few.
It could have been me too.

So little is asked of us all,
from those who answered the call.

Do we remember,
Do we still care?
That he died over there!


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