Prayer Poem

Poem Praying To Get Through The Pain

I love writing poems. This poem is about asking our Father, the good Lord, to help me in my pain.

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Down On My Knees


Published: May 2016

I got down on my knees,
Begging you, Lord, please
Take away all this pain
Before I go insane.
Take away all my tears,
Chase away all my fears.
Please, Lord, take my heart,
Let me make a new start.
Take me by the hand,
Take me to a different land.
Please, Lord, help me with my sin,
Help me with the hell I'm in.
Show me all your love.
Please, Lord, show me the dove.
I want to see your light.
Please help me fight.
I can't do this all alone.
I don't want to be in this zone.
Please, Lord, come to me,
And open my eyes to see
So I can always be free.



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