Poem about Life Struggles

Life Hurts At Times

The purpose behind this poem is to relay the message that sometimes life hurts as a result of others and our own doings. We have hopes and dreams, but the reality is sometimes life is crushing and we are left with the haunting memories of those events.

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Michael J. Malone © more by Michael J. Malone

Published by Family Friend Poems June 4, 2024 with permission of the Author.

Once I stumbled upon an enchanted forest
It wasn't too long ago in the middle of May
Wandering about thinking I was a tourist
Trekking freely stumbling along I must say

This is beautifully stunning I said to myself
For it was on that day face to face I stared
At the crowd of trees like a picture on a shelf
Different with a mental darkness I shared

I ventured bravely into the forest that day
To see what enchantments I could behold
On that fateful day in the middle of May
Thinking pridefully to myself I am very bold

It's what I discovered that was in those trees
Something wrong something dark and very cold
Lay within those trees I never wanted to see
Beckoning to me to see that which I was to behold

Etched here and there, images of memories past
Image after image scars here and everywhere
Tortured representations have caught me at last
Binding me to hurt my burden now I have to bear

A mother's name which symbolizes hurtful words
Said in hate to someone too young to understand
Next a symbol of love in the spring and afterward
Heart broken to pieces it didn't work out as planned

Followed by icons of a map with thoughts of riches
A symbol of life crushed by circumstances unknown
This enchanted forest is only that which bewitches
Nightmarish memories never to be forgotten nor alone

Run away I did on that fateful day in the middle of May
From the enchanted forest of which I didn't want to see
A reflection of my mind twisted and dark I have to say
It was a lifelong journey of what I didn't want to ever be



Not a lot to say here. I just enjoy writing as a means to mentally unwind. I also like to read what others have written and look for the meaning behind the words. Not just the meaning, but the emotions/feelings that are being communicated through the words.

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