Fear Poem

I have a problem in trusting others, but if I do trust them, this is how they should know me.

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If Perhaps...


Published: July 2011

I sit here holding deep inside
Feelings that others wish to hide
Confide in me, the troubles go
But in me they grow and grow.
I know I said I could handle it
But I wonder as I think about it.
My heart screams for sweet release
All it wants is the promise of peace
The promise I freely give to others
Can I promise myself above others?
I'll let my promise out to you
If you will hold me as I would you.
I'll trust you if you will me
God please, protect me.
Hold me and never let me go
But if you do, I want you to know.
I never meant to go away
My heart released its own way
Perhaps through fear it decided to go.
But if that's it, I did not know.
Sometimes it acts without me
But if so, now I am free.


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