Hurting Poem

Loving Someone Who Doesn't Love You

It's an episode from a not so distant past of mine.

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This is how I feel about the ONLY woman I would ever be in love with.

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Failed Love

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Published: June 2017

He built a wall
Around his heart.
Then she came along,
And the wall fell apart.

He stepped out of the wall
Just to realize
It's still full of pain
And as cold as ice.

So he said to himself,
"This love thing, it isn't for me.
That's something
I finally see."

But before he builds the wall again,
He wants her to know
It was his love for her
That he failed to show.
If only she could see
What's in his heart,
How he feels for her,
The way he's torn apart.

"Please understand," he says.
"It's not you that I blame.
I know your feelings
For me aren't the same.
Maybe it's just fate
That I fell for you.
I just couldn't help it,
Although I knew."

She'll never love him back,
That he has to accept,
But loving her, knowing her,
Caring for her has been a joy
That he'll never regret.

He knows he has to move on,
And with time he shall,
But it's gonna be hard,
And it's gonna take a while.

Although he doesn't want to,
Believe him, he's trying
To let go of his feelings,
But a silent hope keeps striving.

For what he doesn't have
He does not complain.
In fact he's grateful,
Having someone to share his pain.

In these last few lines,
He just wants to wish her well.
May all her dreams come true.
That's all he has to tell.

So he's taking his leave now,
With just one hope within...
That someday she will realize
Just how much he loved her.
If only she had seen...
But he will be long gone by then,
Inside his broken wall,
Never to come out again,
Never to hear the call,
With few memories to join him is his pain,
And a vow never to love again...



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  • Mensah Brown by Mensah Brown
  • 9 months ago

This is how I feel about the ONLY woman I would ever be in love with.

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