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Keeping Your Identity

This poem I randomly came up with. I kind of made it a song first.

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Forever Keep Your Name

Blue Butterfly © more by Blue Butterfly

Published by Family Friend Poems July 2021 with permission of the Author.

Pick up your broken pieces.
Don't leave them on the ground.
They're screaming, crying, wailing.
What a sad and terrible sound.

Darling, leave behind your worries,
And leave behind you pain.
But darling, whatever you do,
Don't leave behind your name.

Your heart is an inferno,
One that water cannot quench.
Get up and dust yourself off,
And get out of this muddy trench.

Darling, leave behind your worries,
And leave behind your pain.
Leave behind the places you've been,
But remember to bring your name.

Your spirit cannot be broken,
No matter how hard they try.
The warrior inside has spoken,
And it's a rolling battle cry.

Forget about your worries,
And forget about your pain.
But darling, remember to never,
Never forget your name.

They'll never force you into chains,
For you are destined to be free.
Don't feel the need to fit the mold.
Be who you were born to be.

Let go of all your worries,
Let go of all your pain,
Let go of all that trouble,
But don't let go of your name.

Inside you are a lion,
Fierce, untamed, and proud.
On eagle's wings you're flying
To touch the stars above the clouds.

Forever leave your worries,
And forever leave your pain.
Go walk among the galaxies,
And forever keep your name.



I am fourteen. I like reading, writing, and singing. Whenever something is bothering me, I will write it down as a poem or story. I am good with conveying ideas by talking, but I am even better at that with writing!

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