Poem about Life Struggles

Strength From The Things That Try To Break Us

We all have been hurt by others, circumstances, and even by our own choices, but they become a part of us to teach us or to remind us how strong we really are.

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Jodi M. Kucera © more by Jodi M. Kucera

Published by Family Friend Poems August 12, 2022 with permission of the Author.

You look at me and only see the cracks,
Fractured, like a piece of glass.

Some are shallow and straight,
Created by silently carrying so much weight.

Others are round and splayed like stars,
Words, a solar system of scars.

Some are deep and cut to my core,
From trials I thought I could no longer endure.

Some hold tightly to splintering shards that still cut,
A painful reminder every time they are touched.

Others are jagged and worn,
And some are occupied with scorn.

Some of them are lessons,
Regretfully brought on by my own transgressions.

All of them create an intricate mosaic of intertwined lines,
Reminders of the things I’ve survived.

A prismatic display of beauty and strength;
Though I am fractured, I did not break.



Jodi M. Kucera lives on the eastern plains of Colorado in a farming community, and she loves it there. She is married to her best friend and is a mom to four amazing kids. Jodi is a long-distance runner (how could she not be with those views?). She also bakes and decorates custom cakes.

Jodi is the daughter of an Army Sergeant who...

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