Family Poem for Kids

A Dad's Love For His Children

Recently, I came to the conclusion that I want to write poetry. What better poetry to write than about your kids? This poem is about my love for my children.

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From Dad


Published: June 2011

I never thought I could love someone
The way that I love you.
I'm completely fascinated
With everything you do.

I don't regret a moment with you,
Whether good or bad.
You have made my life complete,
The best life a guy could have.

You might not ever notice
Everything I do,
But everything I'm doing
Is for no one else but you.

My goal in life is simple.
It's to be your father first.
To protect, defend, and love you
When you are at your worst.

I know when you grow older
You won't want me anymore.
If you ever need me, though,
I'll be waiting at the door.

Promise you will come to me
With any problem that you have.
I'll always be right here for you.
I love you both! Love, Dad



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