Divorce Poems

Divorce Poems

Poems about Divorced Parents

It is an unfortunate fact that divorce has become commonplace in our society. The pain and anguish this is created in a divorce has a ripple effect on the family unit. Often family members are confused as how to act around the now divorced couple. Children are often used as pawns between their father and mother. Each one may try to gain the upper hand in the battle for their children's affection. Getting divorced may be necessary in cases when a relationship cannot be salvaged. However, the couple should keep in mind that the entire family unit will be affected by a divorce.

21 Poems on Separation and Divorce for Broken Families

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  1. 1. My Lost Love - My Lost Child

    • By Garrett W. Wheeler
    • Published: July 2006

    I wonder what you're doing
    and how you're living life.
    What new things did you learn today
    and how did you sleep last night?

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    I know God sees us through our trials, and sometimes we never know why. I want to share my story of hope! I was a teacher and I worked in the inner city. I've seen a ton of kids go through...

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  3. 2. Through The Eyes Of A Child

    • By Brianna K. Slone
    • Published: July 2006

    When I was only two years old,
    My daddy went away.
    He swore he'd always love me,
    But he said he couldn't stay.

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    I am so touched by the poem Why Did I Lose My Dad. I am a single father raising two kids, a 14 year old boy and a six year girl. I stay with a boy, and the girl stays with the grandmother of...

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  5. 3. Best Interest Of The Child

    • By Marsha K. Moore
    • Published: September 2006

    What is in the best interest of the child
    Parents fighting in the home
    When one decides to roam
    Parents fighting when they split

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    I am so sorry for what your going through! I know exactly how you feel. I'm going through the same thing right now except I got my kids taken away because I was in and out of the hospital...

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  6. 4. Don't You Want Me?

    • By Jenny Miller
    • Published: October 2013

    Daddy says he loves me, but he doesn't really mean it
    Mommy says she cares, but I'm not dumb enough to believe it
    They both just want the money that comes with the child
    Don't you want me?

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  7. 5. The Window

    • By Jake Tipton
    • Published: January 2009

    I look out the window and what do I see?
    Except for a better version of me?
    He did the right where I did the wrong
    So, I'm the one that wrote this song

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    My dad left me all alone and I never see him at all. People say that divorce is hard and they have no possible idea.

  8. 6. Honey, You Can Have Him!

    • By Jessica L. Schickel
    • Published: June 2010

    He tells you all his secrets,
    he tells you all his lies....
    He calls you on the phone,
    he has you hypnotized....

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    He cheated again after got caught cheating with a close family member years ago. He has cheated and I've been oblivious. I stay because our lifestyle is comfortable and because I was married...

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  9. 7. Broken Heart

    • By Norm
    • Published: July 2015

    I know you say you love me,
    But you don't see
    How this breaks my heart,
    Since we are now apart.

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    Buddy, I feel your pain. Obviously, reading divorce poems... I too was married for 16 years with two children. Oh how I wish I could have made her feel more love. She's gone now and I...

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  10. 8. Healing A Broken Family Tree

    When resentment and offense
    Invade the very crevices of your heart
    It burns fierce like sulfur
    As it forces love to depart.

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    I am glad I found a good poem about forgiveness here on this site when looking up poetry for "I miss my daughter." It's so good and supportive to have good, wholesome poetry accessible on one...

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  11. 9. Goodbye Note

    I never thought this day would come.
    I truly thought you were the one.
    We used to laugh and talk all night.
    Now we argue, fuss, and fight.

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    Wow the poem really touched me especially the introduction part: I'm leaving still loving you instead of staying and hating you. The poem is very simple easy to analyze I'm going to use this...

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  12. 10. Not Your Little Girl

    • By Alex O
    • Published: October 2008

    I was ten years old
    when a fight one morning
    destroyed my family
    without even a warning.

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    When I was 3, my mom and step-dad got married. It was my first memory. I got 2 new step brothers and a new step sister. Everything was fine, until one day. I was seven. My mom and step dad...

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  13. 11. Broken

    • By Alexus R. Avery
    • Published: April 2018

    Broken dreams
    Turning into silent screams.
    Listening to the loud noise.
    Oh boy, how it destroys

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    This is a great poem. The flow goes uninterruptedly, and I wish it would go on and on. Good poem.

  14. 12. My Baby Girl

    • By Justin
    • Published: November 2011

    I lay here and think of how pretty you are
    Daddy's little angel shines like a star
    I'm sorry this happened to your little heart
    That Mommy and Daddy had to split apart

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    My parents split before I was born. My dad came back when I was two just to leave again. This is so true though. Just because parents split doesn't mean they don't love you.

  15. 13. Empty Spaces

    I sit alone here every day,
    Thinking of the child you took away.
    She was my heart, she was my soul.
    She was the thing that made me whole.

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    It is so hard to gracefully find words to express this deep grief that overwhelms and has no mercy. Every day without your child, or in my case 3 daughters, only gets harder and harder. It is...

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  16. 14. Questions

    • By Adam T. Cumberbatch
    • Published: July 2006

    Can you tuck me into bed, Mama?
    Don't forget to kiss me goodnight.
    Can you tell me a story, Mama,
    Before you turn out the lights?

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    My family lives together, but my son sacrifices. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment: dad in the living room, him in his room, me in my room. We aren't happy anymore, and my son senses it. We...

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  17. 15. Reality

    • By Marilyn Terry
    • Published: March 2008

    As I sit alone in my room tonight,
    It sure is a change from the same old fight.
    I want to be held and loved tonight,
    To share all my dreams with the man who lost sight.

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    Very touching and so sad as well. May Almighty God guide you wherever you are and you go according to His will.

  18. 16. Love In My Life

    I married a man too early in life
    and wasn't prepared to be a good wife.
    I believed he loved me and things would be fine.
    My love for him would grow over time.

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  19. 17. Last Walk Down Memory Lane

    As we sit here in silence, no longer husband and wife
    I can't forget the vow I made to love you all my life...
    Our last walk down memory lane fills my eyes with tears
    As I find us walking hand in hand in our high school years.

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    God loves you. You are one of his greatest assets. People may leave, but not God. Your family will return and you’ll live the happiest life. You and your family are in our prayers, John.

  20. 18. Just Not Meant To Be

    • By Wayne Barry
    • Published: December 2013

    Admiring her beauty
    When we first met
    Her blond hair and body
    I just wanted to get

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  21. 19. More Than Life

    To my so sweet babies,
    Who suffer through this most,
    I am so very sorry
    You must read this in a post.

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  22. 20. A Waiting Father

    • By Ryan Lazrine
    • Published: February 2011

    I used to watch you run and play,
    those were our best times together.

    I always tucked you in at night,

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    I love this poem. Thank you for writing it. I am a father of 4 beautiful children. They are living with their mother about 3 hours away. I haven't seen them since May of 2015. I used to talk...

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