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Funny Poem About Taxes

I am a very hard working middle class citizen who is tired of the government taxes I have to pay every week! Trying to find a little humor in it.

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Middle Class Misery

Kathy J. Parenteau © more by Kathy J. Parenteau

Published by Family Friend Poems July 2012 with permission of the Author.

Hopes dashed, dreams fade,
Gotta go to work another day.
Paid my money, bought my ticket
Thought I could tell my boss to stick it.
But here I sit on Sunday night,
Knowing by the morning light.
I'll be back at my desk slaving away,
Hoping to make it through one more day.
And uncle Sam you must be smiling,
Knowing in January I'll be filing.
You've stuck it to me one more year,
More taxes await as I live in fear.
Thanks so much dear President Obama,
For creating all this political drama.
Thought by now I'd be seeing the change,
You promised our country on election day.
But who am I, just the middle class,
To our federal government "Kiss My Ass!"



I am from a family of writers. My grandfather was a published poet. He taught me to write as a young girl. He opened up the world of poetry to me. What a sweet release it is to take those thoughts from the secret part of your soul and put them in verse. My hope is that my poems inspire others and reach them in a very special way.

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