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School Violence

Every day we hear about horrific events happening when we listen to the news. These events are incomprehensible to us, and when they are committed against children, it is even more so. Our hearts and prayers go out to the families of the innocent victims involved. A parent's worst nightmare is the death of a child and their life not lived.

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God's Little Angels

© more by Betty Ferguson

Published by Family Friend Poems May 31, 2022

Robb Elementary School is reeling
From the violence they've endured
So many lives were taken
Evil opens up its door
Precious little souls
Bright-eyed and full of life
How were they to know
On that day they'd lose their life
There has to be an answer
To the violence that occurs
To the pain and the suffering
That the parents must endure
We hear about these horrors
On the news too many days
And it seems the evil out there
Will sadly never go away
I pray to God in heaven
To bless these little souls
Because they now are angels
In loving arms, he does enfold


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