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Poem About Seeing the Hand of God

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God's Poetry


Published: May 2008

When you look at the trees you feel inner peace.
And when you see the seas you feel blessed.
God's poetry is all around us.
To know his beautiful pictures on his great canvas is beauty to the beholder.
No fortune teller can surpass his knowledge and no painter can outdo his pictures of wonderful love.
We should all love God, for He is truth, life, and the way!
Each day we should praise him and give true thanks for everything He has done for us.
Indeed, God is a true poet and in the holy Bible, you will find the truth and word of real meaning and love,
And above all, you will feel tranquility when one day you meet God.
He is the most special spirit to admire and adore.
And He is precious to many people.
And those that attend church meetings are doing what is right in their hearts.
Yes, God is a true poet and loving toward all his children.


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