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A Tribute To A Monarch

In token of the memory of Queen Elizabeth II, I had penned the following lines. I struggled to find words to describe my sentiments, hoping perhaps this tribute and my message of condolence would be conveyed to her loved ones, so they could find some comfort knowing the dear mother and sovereign they had lost was significantly loved by all.

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Goodbye, England's Queen!


Published by Family Friend Poems September 14, 2022 with permission of the Author.

Alas! The death of Queen Elizabeth the Second is declared;
From the Scottish Highlands, the specter of grief appeared,
At Balmoral Castle, the tempest of tears begins to cascade away-
Where near her loved ones, the Queen reigned for the final day!
Her legacy shall fondly be remembered in every alley of these lands,
By all those who in their prime had pledged their loyal hands!

Long, O, for long may her legacy be cherished - far and wide,
And our noble sovereign's name be remembered with pride,
The loveliest monarch who ever graced the throne,
Whose virtues even foreign strangers had to condone-
To whom this nation vowed the service of their years,
And now have been reduced to an ocean of tears.
May the love of the mourners upon thee forever shine,
And thy glory may the world perpetually enshrine!
Welcome her, O heaven, with all thy glamor,
The Queen of earth, who sought no power,
The generous soul who dignified her throne,
Oh, Paradise! Rejoice and make her your own! 

Death had come too soon! The beloved sovereign had fallen.
Death has shattered the lamp of love, hope, and reason,
O, how the nation's congregations are weeping!
O, the soft-hearted ones who have begun mourning!
It is still surreal to believe the proclaimer's word:
The dearest Queen Elizabeth had left our world!
May future sovereigns of England imitate her ways
And be champions of tolerance to the latest day!
With grateful hearts, we pray for lasting peace,
So the monarch of tomorrow may rule with ease!
And England be safe from all turmoil and fear,
And this gracious isle remain to our hearts, dear!
O, the beloved sovereign, who lives no more!
O, the sadness we are feeling by the Atlantic's shore!
Let the birds of the heavens sing a joyous song,
For the Queen whose influence will live for long.
With a sense of loss and endless sorrow,
We brave once more the dawn of tomorrow.
But Russians, Americans, foreign we may be,
We are all but one in our farewell to thee!

O, the legacy of the glorious sovereign who lives no more!
We lament the Queen who graced this England's shore.
Death had delivered Her Majesty from our mortal station,
O, give glory to her name and condolence to her nation,
Gentle comfort to the ones who yielded to lamentation!
Let these heartening words be a token of our dedication,
From nations afar, we offer our mortal consecration,
To the monarch who reigned seven decades since her coronation,
Farewell, O faithful Queen, may thy legacy forever survive,
We shall mourn thy death as long as we are alive!
Farewell, noble Queen, farewell to eternity,
We are all one in our wishes for thee!
Bid her farewell, O nation by the sea!
Farewell to her from the land of the free!


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