Sickness Poem

When The End Of Life Is Near

Watching someone you love very much slowly drift away.

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Last Embers Verse II

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Published by Family Friend Poems September 21, 2022 with permission of the Author.

Each day you come and see me, I wonder who you are.
You seem so happy to sit beside me and give away your time.
As you tell me stories, I sit there in a dreamlike state of mind.
I don't know if I knew you, so many memories have passed me by.

You talk to me so much, but silence is all I can reply.
As you hold my hand, I see the tears swell up in your eyes.
You seem so happy to see me, yet still I make you cry.
You sob such soft and gentle tears, but I cannot reason why.

You talk of different places, but these four walls are all I see.
These walls I sit and look at are all the comfort that I need.
The walls provide safety; the life outdoors is not for me.
My life is slow and simple, the world outside confuses me.

Each day you're next to me, familiarity at my side.
You offer me love and kindness, but I have no emotions left to give.
Your face hides so much burden; I sense the end is near.
You watch me slowly drift away, like the last embers on the fire.


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