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Poem About A Mermaid

A poem about meeting a mermaid

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© more by Stephanie

Published by Family Friend Poems June 2015 with permission of the Author.

I walked to the beach,
To collect some shells.
I stood on the pier,
And listened to the sounds.

There was a glitter in the distance,
Like silver and gold.
It shined out of the water,
Never growing old.

When I got off the pier,
And onto the beach,
That silver and gold shimmer
Was in my reach.

I ran into the water,
Forgetting my clothes.
Feeling the water and sand,
Between my toes.

Just as I was there,
Going to grab hold,
The shimmer stopped,
Now growing old.

A head popped up,
From under the water.
She smiled at me,
Then came a burst of laughter.

She dived into the water,
Her tail shining bright.
Leaving a splash,
I followed after the light.

She held my hand,
As we swam deeper.
I realized I could breathe
The salty water.

Over the sand
And coral and rocks.
The mermaid's hair was shining,
With beautiful locks.

We were swimming up now,
Into the sky,
Up onto the sand,
Where we said goodbye.

She said, "I am Grace,
I'll see you again."
"Goodbye," I called,
And she was gone with a flick of a fin.


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