Fantasy Poem

Her Eyes Were Bright Green

I never had anything like this happen to me before. But I once imagined a girl with a name like Daisy Moore. It sounded like a good poem.

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Daisy Moore


Published by Family Friend Poems July 2010 with permission of the author.

She had beautiful blond hair; her eyes were bright green.
She looked like she was the sun and she causing life to grow.
Her skin shined like she was life itself.
Her lips were scarlet even without make-up on.

The triumph in her spirit would make any boy enchanted.
Her breath even perfumed the air.
Her smooth legs were crossed as she stared at the lake.
The water glistened and had a breeze that day.

And there I was in my torn up jeans.
I had a small t-shirt and could not afford shoes.
But I had to meet her; maybe if I talked to her things could change.

I walked forward but then stepped back.
After all, she was beautiful and I was just a poor farm boy.
She had smooth hands but mine were hard from working.
Her hair was long, rich and curly but mine was short and dirty.

How could we ever be?
But this was my only chance so I stepped forward.

In a croaky voice I said, "Hi."
She turned her head and looked in my eyes.
I was so terrified but I looked in hers.
She said in a very smooth and dreamy voice, "The Lake is so pretty this time of year."
And she told me her name was Daisy Moore.

Soon the minute turned to an hour.
We talked about family and we talked about fishing.
She told me stories about laughter and crying.
But soon she had to go.

"Nice to meet you," Daisy said.
And then she turned her head away and went home.
And then I said to myself, "Nice to meet you too, Daisy Moore,"


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