Hurting Poem

Poem About Feeling Used By Someone You Love

I met this guy my sophomore year of high school when he came in as a freshman. We got to know one another, and I developed a crush on him. Around January of that same school year he kissed me. I'd never had feelings for someone so strong. I was always willing to do anything and everything for him. I thought he cared about me too and that I was the only one, but that's never the case, is it? I comforted him and protected him, only to get treated like a side piece. Three years later and I still care so much.

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Published by Family Friend Poems August 2016 with permission of the Author.

I want to have feelings and be somebody.
My empty chest longs for the warmth of a heart,
To feel the rhythmic beatings.
All the butterflies have withered to dust,
And the knots have vanished.
Broken pieces echo off my rib cage.
It will take more than I'm sorry this time.

Silly me for believing I was the only one,
A lone daisy in your vast garden of roses.
I only wanted you to help me grow.
Instead you ripped my roots from the earth,
Pulling my petals, indecisive about love.
While ignoring my cries of agony and admiration,
You disemboweled me and I'm left bare.

I crave you in the worst ways.
I want to have you and feel your hands again,
To be touched deeper than the skin.
Feel my battered insides and remember who loved you.
Trace where the heart you stole once played a cadence
Every time you were near.
This godforsaken skeleton shivers under your caress.

The only thing I ever wanted was to be loved.
Now I'm alone without sensation.
Incapable of thoughts,
My mind is gone and I'm spinning.
I've become a robot with a plastic exterior,
A decoy of what used to be, before you shattered my heart,
A counterfeit smile plastered on my pale lips as I feel nothing.


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