Hurting Poem

Poem about being hurt by love and not feeling loved. Breaking up but still loving him and struggling to realize he doesn't love you.

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This poem really resonated with me. I had not been in love for many years. And then a much younger woman came along. I knew it was impossible. And yet she told me to chase after her if I...

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Hopeless Love

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Published: August 2008

No stupid love song can describe how I feel
Sometimes the words other people say
Are never good enough or real
No one will ever know how I'm feeling today

I put my hopes up way too high
I thought you'd feel the same way
Now all I need to not do is cry
Because tears won't take the pain away

For a moment I thought you knew
For a moment I thought you cared
For a moment I thought you meant "I love you"
For a moment I thought you appreciated the love we shared

What do you know anyway?
You're just a guy
Have your fun today
And tomorrow make me cry

I'll fake my smile
I'll say I'm okay
I'll be happy for a while
And be dead inside

I kept on calling you sweet
Little did I know
Your love is the one thing I can't beat
I just can't seem to let you go!

You make me feel like such a fool
I don't want to love you
Why did love have to be so cruel?
Why is there nothing that I can do?

Love can sometimes be great
That's something I cannot deny
But when it turns into hate
He won't be just "another guy"

He'll be the guy that broke you into pieces
He'll be the guy that made you a mess
He'll be the love that slowly ceases
After you finally confess

Listening to that song
Makes me feel like the stupidest girl alive
It made me realize that what I felt was wrong
Because I won't get you no matter how much I strive.



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  • Span by Span
  • 1 year ago

This poem really resonated with me. I had not been in love for many years. And then a much younger woman came along. I knew it was impossible. And yet she told me to chase after her if I wanted her. "I'm a wild ride but hold on tight and it will be worth it!" So I chased as I never have before. And for a time, it seemed I might win. She told me I was special, her one and only. But as the weeks turned to months it was clear that I meant nothing to her. She had moved on and I never knew. Still I chased. The faster I ran after her, the further away she got. Isn't that always the way? Sadly, wiser, I gave up. Today after almost a year, she will still occasionally post on social media what a traitor I am for stopping my chase. It seems she wanted to be pursued. But I wanted someone I could have. So it was hopeless. Thank you for the poem...

  • Alexander Hamilton by Alexander Hamilton
  • 2 years ago

It's not a choice. I would know. I've had crushes and "first loves," but nothing quite like what I have with her. Loving personalities is what I've always done. I never looked at someone and fell in love because of their face or body. I honestly don't think about that. I didn't even acknowledge her gender until way later. It hurts not because she doesn't like me or girls in general, but because I don't want to love her. She needs me as a friend, and I want to fit that need. I don't care if she doesn't love me back. I just want to make her happy. I know she wants me to be happy too, or else she wouldn't have kissed me. It hurts knowing I don't want to stay "just friends," but then I do because that's what she wants. I try to make things work between us, and it's hard to be a friend when that voice inside you begs for more. I guess my love is like a fire, but like every fire, it burns.

  • Sara by Sara, Cincinnati Ohio
  • 5 years ago

I feel this way everyday with him. The second time around for me and him and yet this time the hurt and pain is much deeper. I love him and hate him at the same time but I don't think I can really leave him.

  • Cam by Cam, Charlotte
  • 5 years ago

Excellent poem, this is exactly how I feel. It may seem dramatic to some people, but maybe they just haven't been in love. It is truly heartbreaking.

  • Alina by Alina
  • 3 years ago

I've been there. All this is because of low self-esteem. When I started to love myself, I stopped falling in love with those who don't love me.

  • evonne by evonne
  • 10 years ago

Thanks Nora for your words, it seems that you and me feel the way about love, I know things will change in our lives for the better, wish you the best

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