Hope Poem

Encouraging Poem For A Lonely Heart

Some people hurt us in many ways. They leave us alone to suffer from a miserable life. But no matter what pain we are in, we still have faith, and we hope that our lives will be lightened in a way that we'll be free from the shadows of loneliness and pain. Yes, there is always hope for every darkness in our lives. We just need to have hope and believe we can be free from such pain.

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Hope Behind The Shadows Of Pain

© more by Shermain Joy Lipao

Published: April 2009

In some people's pretty eyes
There's a great painful disguise,
Disguise that dressed their lonely heart
With devastating cuts that ever hurt.

Their smiles turned into sobs.
Their laughter turned into screams.
Their days turned into nights,
And their joys turned into sorrows.

But no matter what caused their pains,
They move forward as they wipe their tears,
For in every beat of a lonely heart
There is hope that lights the path.


more by Shermain Joy Lipao

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