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Time Speeds Up As We Age

Science has only recently taught us that time can speed up or slow down in response to gravity, but we have always known that time speeds up as we get older.

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© more by Richard Allen Taylor

Published by Family Friend Poems June 2020 with permission of the Author.

At fifty-something
I begin to feel the rising panic

that probably gets worse later
as I watch the days flowing much too fast       

white grains
once immeasurable inexhaustible cheap common

now spilling like diamonds down the deep well of time
and I am leaning over the side

grasping at the avalanche just out of reach
and I cry wait

but there is no wait
only the counting of lost dreams. 

I should have paid more attention
learned more about art 

airplanes  geology
theology  insects   

even love   
I thought I knew what that was

but now
in the fullness of wisdom

I see that I know nothing
that life is always

one answer forward
two questions back.

And I ask
is this imminent emptiness so bad?

There is

in the heart
that craves open space

virginal blue sky
a smooth sea without ships

a cottage in the unpopulated wilderness
a yearning to clean closets 

toss out junk 

start over 
make room for the new. 

Perhaps hunger
is a preparing to be filled

a thirsty desert flower opening to the rain

the last drop of wine on the lips

before the next bottle is opened
the hourglass turned.

(This poem first appeared in High Horse and subsequently in the author’s chapbook, Something to Read on the Plane, published by Main Street Rag Publishing Company in 2004.)


RICHARD ALLEN TAYLOR (Charlotte, NC) is the author of three published poetry collections, all from Main Street Rag Publishing Company: Armed and Luminous (2016), Punching Through the Egg of Space (2010) and Something to Read on the Plane (chapbook, 2004). His poems, articles and reviews have appeared in Rattle, Comstock Review, The Pedestal, Iodine Poetry Journal, Wild Goose Poetry Review,, and Asheville Poetry Review, among others. Taylor co-founded and for several years co-edited Kakalak, a poetry and art journal featuring the work of North and South Carolina artists and poets; and served as Review Editor for The Main Street Rag (2013 – 2019). After retiring from his forty-four-year business career, Taylor earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Queens University of Charlotte in 2015.


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