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A Distaste For Peanut Butter

None of my friends ever understood why I didn't like peanut butter. Apparently, it's a delicatessen. Anyway, I wrote this poem to explain my distaste for it in a humorous way. Enjoy.

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I Hate Peanut Butter

Innarenko © more by Innarenko

Published: September 28, 2021

These words I say without a stutter:
I hate the taste of peanut butter!
In Reese's chocolate it may stay
But keep the butter far away.
It leaves a lump inside my belly,
It's even worse when paired with jelly!
I hate its texture, hate its smell;
If I go near it, I'm unwell.
My family tells me I'm dramatic
But against PB I stay emphatic.
If you're craving butter thick,
You might as well just eat the stick,
Or wear it as a winter coat
But keep it furthest from your throat!
Last time I ate it, things went south;
My tongue got glued inside my mouth!
If you include it in my lunch,
I'll very likely throw a punch.
I'd gladly eat a Brussels sprout
But keep the peanut butter out!


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