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Poem From Mother To Daughter

I wrote my poem after going through a tough relationship with my daughter and her boyfriend. I found a great deal of comfort in writing my thoughts into little poems that helped us all through the tough times.

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I've had similar problems with my daughter. She was my youngest. She had asthma but never anything serious, meaning she used inhalers at times and once was hospitalized for that, but what...

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Your Relationship Is Broken


Published by Family Friend Poems August 2008 with permission of the Author.

In the midst of a sentence I felt it!
It hit me, a gut feeling things weren't quite right.
The love I had come to know had changed.
It faded as if slowly dying.
I ask myself what is this, why is it happening to us?
We were perfect, compatible, uniquely in love with our life.
Something was changing.
It had all changed.
Everything was different.
I looked on the floor, and in front of me lays a million little pieces, covered in memories.
My heart ripped from my chest.
It lays on the ground in a million pieces.
My life was shattered.
What do I do with these pieces,
How do I pick them all up?
I dropped to my knees and picked them up, one by one, piece by piece.
I was taking the first step in getting my life back.
I realized the person I still loved with all my heart was symbolized in all the tiny pieces.
I sat down and put them all back together again.
I had the answer.


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  • Marion Elms by Marion Elms
  • 6 years ago

Hi All,
My story started 25 years ago. I have a beautiful girl I call my daughter. She is loving caring and so, so kind. My girl has been struggling with drugs, but we had it on and off under control until she met this person who she got into a relationship with. He supplied her with ice and other drugs. He is violent and sexually makes her do things and puts it on Facebook. I have blocked her and other media sites. I am completely heartbroken as he's made her hate me and rely on him. I don't know what to do anymore. The police have told me she will die as she is to far gone, but I still believe my love will get her back. I have been trying to talk to someone to ask for their help. I feel alone and lost, and a piece of me believes the police might be right. I feel I am struggling alone, lost and so alone.

  • Christine  Franklin by Christine Franklin
  • 2 years ago

I've had similar problems with my daughter. She was my youngest. She had asthma but never anything serious, meaning she used inhalers at times and once was hospitalized for that, but what ended her up in there was other drugs and panic when her attack happened. Three years later she was still with the same bad guy, and on February 25, 2019, I got a call. It was him telling me to come quickly, something is wrong with Ashley. Twenty-seven years old, and they tell me she passed. I still hurt as if it was yesterday. The doctor wouldn't do an autopsy. They said it wasn't necessary - that it was asthma. I absolutely do not believe it. I know for a fact she'd been using but only subtext, but her boyfriend was doing drugs that night. I saw him myself. I know they'd been fighting according to all the neighbors, but still the police says no probable cause to even search him, after telling me he believes he was on drugs. Not to mention she just had a two-week-old lil healthy baby girl. My heart will never heal.

  • Rhonda Redmond by Rhonda Redmond
  • 6 years ago

I'm going through something very much like your situation. Gosh, it hurts to breathe right now, I miss her so much. The really big change is this guy she's involved with. We've been estranged since he started running things. Now she hates me.

  • Chris by Chris, Illinois
  • 9 years ago

Your poem/letter cause so many tears because it was as if I wrote it. However my daughter and I had an unbelievable close bond through high school. Then...she met a boy who "literally" destroyed her emotionally, psychologically and beat her many times. I had her move back home but she would sneak out to see him and eventually my granddaughter was born...but from there she met another man who controlled her like a puppet and beat her several times, the last time she was laying in the E.R. where you couldn't even recognize her. The police officer I spoke to made a very blunt comment which I feel may come true "the next time he will kill her". He went to prison for other issues shortly thereafter and she took him back after he got out. Shortly thereafter, she gave birth to my grandson. I am lost, brokenhearted and really wish this was all a dream.

  • Annette Irwin by Annette Irwin
  • 6 years ago

The boyfriend is a sociopath/narcissist! They are the scum of the earth. If you do some research, you will be appalled at what you read because they are the most horrible people who do the most horrible things to hurt others intentionally.

  • Cheryl by Cheryl, Orcas Island
  • 10 years ago

My daughter and I were extremely close. The night before she left for college, she asked me to climb in bed with her and just hold her. Our deep closeness lasted after her marriage to a wonderful man, the birth of 3 beautiful children. But things changed when she came into a multi million dollar inheritance she was to share evenly with her father. She changed towards me. I have not seen my grandchildren in a year and a half. They used to call me and send me pictures they drew. I haven't talked to them for over 2 years. I find cards from daughter, written over her lifetime saying how much she loved me. How I was the nicest person she ever knew. This parting has destroyed me. I have lots of friends and am involved in activities, but nothing can lighten my pain. I don't spend the rest of my life with this broke heart. I do tell myself that the most important thing is my grandchildren have so much love and attention from their parents.

  • Miriam by Miriam
  • 6 years ago

It's breaking my heart to know you're dealing with this. It not only breaks the child's emotions, but her soul...when a child is taught to hate the other parent/grandparent, she's being taught to hate a part of herself. I know there is hope, though, and I do hope your daughter soon realizes there's no love like a mother's love and lets you have a relationship with your grandchildren!

  • Allison by Allison
  • 10 years ago

When people see me...they see a perfect life because of the smile I always wear...but under that smile is a heartbroken and shattered young girl. I have been hurt so many times by guys and have been made to feel useless. I met this guy who made me feel like a princess, I felt safe in his arms and when he said I love world just lit up. That went on for long until he started calling other girls baby and doing things in front of me...he eventually left me for someone who looks like a potato. From now on I don't think I am able to show love to anyone...not even my best friend.

  • Klipfontein View by Klipfontein View
  • 12 years ago

I had to live all my life knowing that my mom wished she had an abortion. Everyday of my life I cry asking God why is my life like this and it feels like God is just not listening to me. Well I sometimes feel that I'm the only one living this kind of life. This is my home life. Then there is my boyfriend gosh he never makes my life easy. Cheats on me, hardly tells me that he loves me. I sometimes think that this is not love. The thing is I love him and I find love very difficult if I let go of him. It's funny how I laugh and hide my tears and how wonderful people think my life is. The inner me died 3 years ago. Now I just live for the fact of living.

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