Girlfriend Poem

Inspiration for this poem emanated from the way I met a girlfriend. There I was, on my way home from work and I saw her. I was afraid at first but there is this flutter in your heart when you are on to something good. I took that as a harbinger for good tidings, approached her and we got on well for two years and though she left me for another man, I know I truly loved her. Since then have I discovered that your spouse and your sweetheart are not the same.

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Just A Glance And There You Were


Published: April 2011

just a glance, a look and there you were,
for me to have, to choose, to care
for life is nothing with no dare.
it's boring when it's all care,

wasn't sure you'd look my way,
for like looking for a needle in hay,
finding true love is the same way,
and I thank heavens for that day,

love you I will forever,
the ties we have to never sever,
always around you in a tether,
all our time we spend together,
like the famed birds of a feather,

did not know you would leave,
thought you were around to live,
your absence though hard to believe,
love will I always


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