Fighting Friend Poem

This is a poem I wrote when I was annoyed at my friends. It's dedicated to them.

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Leave Me Alone

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Published: February 2008

The demon's glint in your eye is just

I see you watching me,
Like I'm a fish in the sea.

I'm not!
So stop looking at me!

I observe and see all your movements.
I see all the sneakiness and all your lies.

You'd never believe me,
But I don't care.

I have someone who'll always be there.

My special person won't ever leave me,
Or treat me as badly as you did.

They love me with their whole heart,
Something you never had.

I can't believe what I just did.
Good lord, it felt good though!

You probably hate me, despise me,
but guess what?

I don't care!

I love myself and I have people who love me for me.

How about you?

Do you love yourself like you think you do?

Do people actually love you or is that just you?

I can trust my voice enough to say,

I can be great without you!

I don't need you, or your stupid games.
I don't need you to tell me what to do!

I don't need you to be there and pretend
That you like me.

I just need you to



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