Betrayed Friend Poem

A Mighty Storm Made From Anger And Betrayal

This is about how people change so quickly, how you trust them but they leave you shattered. This poem is about how your most trusted friend can leave you shattered in pieces and scattered in all emotions.

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Published: January 9, 2017

Like a gentle wave, you swayed against my ship.
With a gentle breeze, you guided me forward.

As the sun sank into the ocean,
Light quickly turned into an endless night.

Your clouds surrounded my night sky,
Covering all the stars.
You moved as fast as lightening,
Yet roared as loud as thunder.

Your anger, formed as a storm,
Filled the night sky.
Your gentle touch turned into piercing thorns.
You left me on the sand so sore.

As the moon set upon the horizon,
Dawn broke and filled the sky.
You left me on the sandy shore,
Yet I never asked why.

I came, I stayed.
I fought and cried,
And in the end I was left



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