Broken Friendship Poem

It is always sad when a friendship is broken, especially when there is no good reason.

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A few days ago I lost my best friend. He was the only one who would make me laugh. We'd make silly jokes together. He is gone too soon. Now I feel like a complete stranger to him. Even though...

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Losing A Best Friend


Published: June 2007

Are you really gone?
As my days draw out I find myself thinking about you
I miss you dearly and wish you were by my side, too
You are a real friend and I hate not having you here
Never being able to see you or talk to you would be my greatest fear
We have become close and I think of you as kin
Kirsten I miss you, Will we be able to laugh again?
We had so much fun together; thinking of it makes me sad
Do you think I will ever get a chance to prove myself to your mom and dad?
Your parents think I'm a bad person and I wish that wasn't true
I wish they understood how much I really do care for you!
I love you like a sister and I will always care
I wish things were different not being able to talk to you doesn't seem fair
I miss our silly jokes; I miss our bond of trust
I hate not being able to talk to you and I don't want to have to adjust
I wish I had the opportunity to sit with your mom and make her see
I am not a bad person and I am not the person they have made me out to be
I wish she only knew how hard it is for me
To sit here every day and think about you and me
You are a great person and I have so much respect for you
I wish we could still laugh and joke like we used to be able to
I hope we will always be friends! I will always be here for you
I just want to know, will you be there for me too?


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  • Emeruem Omoruzuo Jane by Emeruem Omoruzuo Jane
  • 4 years ago

I had a friend betray me by formulating lies about me. He told his brother the lies, and now people don't come to my house, and they don't talk to me.

  • Mervina Enrico by Mervina Enrico
  • 4 years ago

A few days ago I lost my best friend. He was the only one who would make me laugh. We'd make silly jokes together. He is gone too soon. Now I feel like a complete stranger to him. Even though I walk into the valley of darkness, I just wanna let him know that I still do care and appreciate him for who he is.

  • Davine Goodchild by Davine Goodchild
  • 5 years ago

A Lost Friend
As I gazed into the heavens, you were on my mind,
Remembering those happy days now left behind.
You'd laugh and joke and pull my leg.
For those happy days to return, to God would beg.
Thought those happy times would never end,
Yet while living them seem to be the trend.
With hindsight now admit and regret,
Now realize what I'd missed and yet
To be content and happy to have you on my mind
Have accepted and to my new life now resigned
Still secretly admit within my heart
We were back together and no longer apart.

  • Andrea by Andrea
  • 5 years ago

When I was in 4th grade I meet this girl named Darlene, we got partnered up to do a project, and after that we started to talk more and more, and soon enough we became best friends. Everyone knew that we were best friends, and they knew nobody or anything could change that. It was just us against the world. Until 7th grade...she began to change and our friendship fell apart. I decided to tell her and then she said she would change, but she never did, so I stopped taking to her. People started to notice, and they asked questions, but I just ignored it. Now I'm in 8th grade and we still aren't and so close as we used to be, but we talk sometimes. I miss her. Now she is someone I don't know anymore, and it's sad. She almost feels like a stranger to me. But through it all I realized that maybe our friendship wasn't meant to be. Maybe it was a life lesson.

  • Andrew C by Andrew C
  • 8 years ago

I had a group of best friends. It was all of us against everyone. I'd been friends with them since 5th grade. We all kind of just clicked and we'd hang out literally everyday. Buy now I'm in my junior year and we are losing our connection. It's just really sad. I thought we would never stop being friends. My parents used to say that eventually they're going to leave you and I remember getting so mad cause I thought they would never. But it turns out they were right. These guys were practically my life and I'm going to miss them. I always wonder if they feel this way.

  • Kritika by Kritika
  • 8 years ago

I had two best friends. The bond we had was something one of a kind, which people may never find :) I never thought our friendship can have an end, but it did I never had a clue about it and don't know how it worked on and three of us got separated. I still remember the day a day of my life which I can never forget :(

  • Emily by Emily
  • 9 years ago

I had these best friends named Moises, Nathan and Aaron we would always hang out but all envied us especially the teachers and our parents. Maybe it was because I was the only girl in that group? Maybe it was because we would finish our work together and talk afterwards? I have no clue unto this day...but we no longer talk the three of us because we have been separated into different high schools when we should be together but hey life goes on even though you lose the bestest friends we've ever had :(

  • Mithulya by Mithulya, Malaysia
  • 10 years ago

When I was studying in my primary school, I had a best friend. Her name was Julianne. She was really very close to me that everyone envied us being together, even the teachers! They often change our places because when we finish our class work, we'd talk, talk and talk and make so much noise. We were that close when one day my parents made a decision that I should study in an international school after completing my Grade 6. All my friends and teachers were so sad that I'd be leaving and my friend, Julianne promised that she'd keep in touch with me in Facebook .After I started schooling in my new school, I would always go online and chat with her about my new school, how's life so boring without her. As time passes by, she totally forgotten about me and always ignores me, when I send her a message or start chatting with her online. It's still so sad to think that she has forgotten me. As I grew up, I learned that this is how life supposed to be...You are always fresh in my memory, Julianne...

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