Breaking Up Poem

Learning To Love Yourself: Leaving An Abusive Partner Poem

My name is Sarah Smith I'm a 17 year old female who has lived a very hard poem is about my ex-boyfriend who was very abusive, but I was to in love, or you can say blinded by love....I just want all the viewers who read my poem to know, don't let anyone male or female control your life or abuse you....we did in fact break up, but it was very hard to do and I was terrified of this guy who I called my first love...I just want all the females to know that we are worth something, we are gold!!

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Lovin A Thug


Published by Family Friend Poems January 2011 with permission of the Author.

Love is a four letter word,
that makes your heart sore.

You think you're in love,
but come to find out he's a thug,
selling and dealing is what he is best at,
now how are you going to get away from that?

He says he loves you with all his heart,
but in the end he tears you apart.
You want to live, but he keeps saying please,
you find the courage to up and leave.

But your stupid self goes back,
he seems like he changed,
but then he goes back to himself.

You sit and wonder why,
why you even try.

You go to leave, but he grabs you,
hits you in the face,
cry and pace.
He calls you a bitch,
spits in your face.
All you can do is pace,
because you never got taught how a guy should really treat you.


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