Hurting Poem by Teens

Poem About Feeling Hopeless

This poem is about feeling hopeless: that nobody cares or will help you, that all the pieces are left behind or lost. It's a cry for help. Will you be the one to help me in the end?

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Published: January 2015

I am broken,
But nobody picks up the pieces.
I'm falling,
But nobody catches me.
I'm in the dark,
But nobody brings me a light.
I'm alone,
But nobody is there to change that.
I need to be saved,
But nobody is there to save me.
Will you be the one to change that?
Will you save me from myself?
Bring me a light in the dark?
Catch me when I'm falling?
Pick up the pieces of me that everybody has left behind?
Prove to me that I'm not alone?
Will you save me?!?



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