Hurting Poem by Teens

Poem About Struggle, Pain, And The Scars We Carry

Hi, everyone. I'm now 17, and life have been a huge battle for me. I have been through physical child abuse at a really young age and emotional child abuse for 8 years. At school I was constantly bullied. I have many mental illnesses; I used to self harm and attempted suicide numerous times, which all failed. I'm now seeking help, but I'm still lonely and depressed. I wrote this from my heart and what represents my life battles.
Thank for reading, and all I want to say is, "Stay Strong."

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Thanks, yeah I'm still struggling. I wish to write more, but I'm not feeling well enough to write.

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Painful Struggles


Published by Family Friend Poems June 2014 with permission of the Author.

I'm a young girl who is kept from sight.
Constantly, I'm crying in the middle of the night.
I'm a girl who lives in constant fear
From the torment I have to endure and hear.
I'm a girl who lives in a world full of pain and shame
As others say that I am hurt and alone as I was to blame.
I am a girl who is longing for acceptance and happiness,
But it seems like no one really understands and cares.
I am a girl who lives in a broken home.
Dad got divorced and moved far away.
I am a girl who still holds her painful childhood memories.
Mum used to beat, slap, and throw me around every day.
I am a girl with a heart that is constantly breaking,
As mum is always tormenting me with her anger and painful words.
I am a broken girl who lost her innocence at a very young age
From a mum who hurts me with her deliberate, unreasonable rage.
I am a girl who is so lonely and sad
As I have no friends and would hide myself away.
I'm a girl who was hurt from the people I used to trust.
My friends became the bullies who would beat and torment me each day.
I used to be the girl who would have tried to kill myself many times,
But I was saved by what was the most precious in my mind.
I used to be the girl who would bottle up all the emotions and fears,
But I could no longer hold on, so I broke down into tears.
I used to be the girl who hurt herself in every way possible,
From trying to cut to breaking bones.
I am now the girl who is still trying to hold on,
But on the inside I am on the verge of a breakdown.
I am the girl who now smiles and makes eye contact,
But truthfully I still want to fade away.
I am the girl filled with the painful emotional and physical scars.
I am a girl who now wishes to run away.
I am now a girl who is trying to pray for everything to be better.
I am the girl who still cries each night.
I am the girl whose heart would be hard to fix.
I am the girl who now does not easily trust.
I am now the girl who is still afraid.
I am now the girl who regrets having to live life this way.


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  • Mia  A. Lassiter by Mia A. Lassiter
  • 7 years ago

Your poem was so heartfelt and powerful. Keep up the great work!

  • Jenny Tran by Jenny Tran Poet
  • 7 years ago

Thanks, yeah I'm still struggling. I wish to write more, but I'm not feeling well enough to write.

  • Yo Holla Yo Yo by Yo Holla Yo Yo
  • 8 years ago

Hi, you are a good writer. This really inspired me. My parents were divorced when I was young and my mom also beat me everyday. Sometimes it's hard to cope but I love writing and reading. I liked reading your piece!! :)

  • Britney by Britney, Missouri
  • 9 years ago

This poem was so heart-touching! I've experienced so much of what you have and I am even experiencing some of it in the present. I am 15, I live with my dad because living with my mom became a bother, I never felt wanted there, I was terrified of my step dad, and terrified if I left he'd start to abuse my sisters. I finally gained the courage to tell my dad I wanted to live with him! I do not stay weekends with my mother and step father but I do visit at times but I still can't look him in the eye, and stay civil. I no longer experience abuse from my step father, but I do experience abuse from being bullied and self harm! This was heart inspiring!! It makes me realize I can experience the better in life and not the worst.

  • Zariya Newton by Zariya Newton, Homestead Florida
  • 9 years ago

This made me cry because it reminds me so much of myself. It's an amazing poem and it really touches me and it helps to know that I'm not alone with what I'm going through.

  • Harini by Harini, Sri Lanka
  • 10 years ago

Hi. I'm a girl in mid twenties and I have gone through tough times too, but not anymore. I keep finding happiness day by day. Well I can't imagine the pain you have went through. But maybe we can be friends :)

  • Linda by Linda, Perth Australia
  • 10 years ago

This is a great poem it have touched me and you have a creative mind even though hurt that is a special thing. I have been abused too as a little girl now in my 30s I just feel so angered and sad as I can never relive my childhood. It is sad to me that most children childhood are stolen by the people who is suppose to love and nurture them. We can all live only once and that's when we got to live it. You are an amazing girl darling and just keep holding on you will make it through. I know I have and thank you for sharing.

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