I Love You Poem

Waiting All These Years To Find You

This poem is a reflection of emotions in every interaction with that one special person who makes you believe in love. It is an insight into when that person comes into your life after a long wait and when you had almost given up on it.

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Loving You The Way You Are


Published by Family Friend Poems February 2019 with permission of the Author.

I waited out these years,
I kept fighting my fears
That I might not meet you,
Another life to pass without you.

Then one day you are right here.
It feels like my loneliness was never there.
Vanished is the void I carried all these years,
Banished away all of my fears.

All the things that seemed a myth
Suddenly are real that I live with,
Making my life worth more living,
Inspiring me to be more giving.

Every time I look into your eyes,
I feel complete, I feel in the skies.
Your warmth makes me feel whole.
Your fragrance enriches my soul.

Every morning I wake to wait
Till you walk to me in tempting gait.
Every evening I want to stay up in candle light,
Watch you turn gold, as it flickers so slight.

Every time I hold you in an embrace,
Time and worries in that moment cease.
And as into my chest you bury your face,
We melt in each other, into everlasting peace.


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